English High Tea Party with fabulous Butterflies

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The Butterfly Project Malaysia has organized a high tea party, and I was one of the few lucky girl that got the invitation to the party. *Lucky grin* The party was held at Show.Case in collaboration with a workshop from ServerFreak at Kelana Jaya over last Saturday.The decorations were ladylike and very elegant.

Love the decorations of this table - macaroons, cupcakes and jams...AND did you peeps see that tempting pink cake sitting on top!!!!

Ain't the cupcakes cute? Especially like the butterfly deco on it - so pretty!

Apart from the pretty decorations, of course there were some delicious food too.

Fruit Tarts

How could you call it a tea party, but not having pretty tea cups!

Before we started our workshop for ServerFreak, we had a lovely performance by the beautiful Edazz.

During the workshop, we were being introduced to a new package of ServerFreak - "Wordpres Easy Setup"

What's "Wordpress Easy Setup"? Well, it's a specially customize blogging platform for those without technical knowledge. They will do the setup for you, and provide you with a template for FREE with basic widgets fully installed. Also, they have technician standby 24/7 to provide you with any technical problems. Now, all you have to do is to work on your blog content. Ain't that easy! All these only for RM 298 and with a renewal fee of RM 198/year. For more information, you could always visit their website.

On a side note, I was super happy when I opened up my door gift at home...

A tea cleanser from Etude House ^_^

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