Seize The Day With 100PLUS!

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I'm sure all of you would have heard of 100PLUS, and would have tried this isotonic beverage before:

"100PLUS is one of the leading brands under the F&N flagship in Malaysia. It is produced and distributed by F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd, the largest soft drinks distributor and manufacturer in Malaysia. 100PLUS is one of the nation’s most trusted and widely consumed beverages. 100PLUS gives consumers an optimum balance of thirst-bursting and energy replacing ingredients to help in one’s daily routine be it at work, play or at home while keeping them hydrated and recharged all the time."

As the first isotonic beverage to be launched in Malaysia, 100PLUS is still the preferred drinks among the isotonic beverages, and they are now celebrating its 30th Anniversary in Malaysia! What a milestone! In conjunction of their 30th Anniversary in Malaysia, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd has launched a campaign name "Win the Day" featuring the first interactive vending machine in Malaysia. I'm sure we all know what's a vending machine, but a "interactive vending machine"? Sounds interesting, doesn't it?!!!! So, what is this "interactive vending machine" all about? Continue reading and you shall find out...

Photo courtesy of RantauPR

You will need to log on to their Facebook account via the machine and play the game. You'll then have to guide a virtual 100PLUS can through the machine by tilting your body left, right or jumping to control the movement of the virtual can. Your reward... TADAAA!!! A real can of 100PLUS will be dispensed for your efforts! It is really this simple!!

Photo courtesy of RantauPR

The interactive machine have been and will be placed in selected spots around Malaysia such as shopping malls and colleges, and all of you are more than welcome to tryout the 'Release the can" game. The dates and locations are as followed, and you could drop by any time during the day  of your choice as it is an on-going activity:

16 & 17 Nov
Sungei Wang (Coach Parking)
23 & 24 Nov
E-Curve & KL Sentral
27 Nov
Taylor’s Lakeside  
28 Nov
Sunway University
30 Nov & 1 Dec
Dataran Pahlawan (Melaka)
4 Dec
Inti Subang
5 Dec
KDU Damansara Jaya
7 & 8 Dec
KSL Mall (Johor Bahru)
9 Dec
Otomotif College (TOC), PJ SEC 19
12 & 13 Dec
20 Dec
Wisma Cosway
21 & 22 Dec
Sungei Wang (Main Entrance) & Sunway Pyramid
27 & 28 Dec
Mydin KT (Terengganu)

What are you waiting for! Grab your family and friends, and go have some fun! As their slogan has it "Seize the Day with 100PLUS"!! I'm sure going to try out the machine...and I'll be writing a follow up post on my thoughts after trying it!

** For more information on 100PLUS, log on to and

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