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On the 8th November 2013, Philippines was hit by one of the worst typhoon knows in history – the Typhoon Haiyan a.k.a Typhoon Yolanda. Travelling at 315/km, road were destroyed and half a million of buildings were torn down. Millions of people have lost that one place that they could call “home” and now they are struggling to stay alive in a place that has been badly-strike by the strong wind – shortage of food, clean water and a proper shelter. Trying to stay alive is not the only problem that the survivals have to face, but many of them are also force to face the fact that their love ones – family, friends, and even their own children – have been taken away from them forever in this horrible disaster. Mothers who lost their children; children who are made orphaned to face the after effect of the typhoon; mothers killed along with their unborn child. These are just a friction of the sad news. There are many more heart-breaking stories going on among these victims.

Photo courtesy of Natta Cosme

Countries and organizations around the world have been going in to lend a helping hand. Now, in the blogging world, we could do so to. The Butterfly Project has collaborated with Natta Cosme, a beauty website, has come up with a charitable cause in helping the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. There are only a few simple steps to do so:

1.      Logging or register yourself with Natta Cosme

2.      Go to the tab “Charity” and it will direct you to a page where Natta Cosme explaining why they are helping out the victims 

3.      Scroll all the way down; you’ll see products selling at a promotional price, ranging from RM3 – RM 55.92.  

4.      Select your desire item(s) and proceed to your shopping cart. Follow the instructions on the website.

If you do not wish to purchase any products, there’s an option of RM10 donation at the end, and you could just make your donation through there. All proceeds from these will be donated the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. The donations collected will be transferred to FoGuang Shan Malaysia in February 2014 and Natta Cosme will publish the receipt of donation on their Facebook page.   

Wait! Your good deeds will not be without return! Natta Cosme will give out Natta Cosme Chinese New Year angpow for free to any customers that donate. NOTE: These are WHILE STOCK LAST!!!! 

Do help to spread the news – through blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform. The victims in Philippines could use any form of help that they could get. 
In times like this, we should be grateful of where we were. Though we do have our fair share of natural disaster going on in Malaysia, but compare to what these people are going through right now, most of us here do not need to fight for basic survival essentials.

So let all of us do our part, and try our best to help these victims – let them know that they are not alone in this world, and there are always someone out there would be more than willing to help them. 

Pray hard for them and may GOD be with them along the way!


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