The Shangri-la Hotel Trilogy: Lemon Garden Cafe

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Finally, we reach the end of our Shangri-la Hotel journey - The Lemon Garden Cafe. I've been to the cafe several times in the past, and they've never let me down before.

Centerpiece at the hotel lobby

WARNING: This is going to be kinda photo bomb post! ^___^

Salad Bar
 Let's start with some appetizers shall we!

Alaskan King Crab
OMG!! The crab legs were so so sweet! Although it was a little bit of work to de-shell them, but it was worth every effort!

Did not try this - so, no comment, but they looks super yummy though!

Fresh Oysters
Oysters!! Who doesn't love fresh oysters!!!! Squeeze some fresh lime, and my personal favourite - tabasco - and I'm ready to chow down couple of them!

My assorted cold appetizers
Scallop with Roe
I love scallops, but I love the roe even more! I was jumping up and down (inside my heart...) when I saw this on the cold dishes counter. The scallops were sweet too!

Next, let's move to some warm appetizers! And yes....I actually prefer appetizers in a buffet line...LOL!!!

Crab Cake

Shrimp with Capers
Whoever read my previous posts, would know that I'm totally a big fan of capers!!!!

Smoked Duck Breast with Plum Sauce
 A dish that I'll definitely looked for whenever I'm at the cafe - Smoked Duck Breast with Plum Sauce.

Monk Fish with Mango Salsa

Now, some Japanese!

Cold Soba
 The soba was so-so. Didn't quite like the texture of the noodles.

Salmon Sashimi, Octopus Sashimi (Top), Fresh Prawn Sushi
 I couldn't help but to attack the shrimp when I saw them. I guess I love my food to be raw! LOL!!!

They have other choices as Indian cuisine:

Not a fan of all these spices? Fred not! They have some familiar Chinese cuisine for you to choose from too:

Duck Wrap with Plum Sauce
I did not managed to capture more photos of the buffet line and remaining food - there were too many people that night. So, these are what I was able to capture, and I wish I could have took more photos:

Beef with Brown Sauce
The beef was a bit too dry. Most probably from sitting under the light for too long.

Photo courtesy of Joe
Photo courtesy of Joe

Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Chips

P/S: Pardon me for not putting up the costs for this post, as we used our Prestige Membership card and hotel vouchers - so forgot to check out the full amount of the dinner buffet.

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