Sri Ganapathi Mess @ Petaling Jaya Old Town

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I have huge love for Indian cuisine, as I really enjoy the spices; and when my colleague mentioned about this place in Petaling Jaya Old Town, I knew that I would definitely have to make a trip there myself. It was a challenge for me to find Sri Ganapathi Mess. It is located along row of houses, exact opposite of Sekolah Kebangsaan Petaling Jaya. It definitely will be a challenge to locate the eatery. However, if you spot the school, you can be sure that you are already nearby.

The entrance of Sri Ganapathi Mess
The eatery is at a corner lot, and with a big green bin at the side.

We were lucky to arrive there right before lunch, as the place does have some parking issues.

The entrance does look like a back door, but it really is THE ENTRANCE.

Choices for your fried dishes
The moment you step in, you'll come to their "fried kitchen". You can choose from the usual fried squid, chicken, or fish; or alternatively, you can try their friend lamb. I have yet to try their fried lamb, but would definitely give it a go the next time I'm there.

The eatery was converted from a house, so you can expect to see a layout like a living house - with rooms but filled with tables and chairs for patrons.

Rice Set
They have 2 type of rice for you to choose from - Par Boil Rice or white rice. The Pappadams I had were not as crispy, but no complaints on this.

Fried Squid
I must have fried squid, whenever I go for banana leaf rice. The squid were sliced into proper thickness and wasn't over-fried.

Fried Chicken
Didn't have much of the chicken so I couldn't really comment on it; but on a positive note - they did not over-fry their chicken too.

Crab Rasam
I love rasam, and it's a must for me to have it every time I go for banana leaf rice! I read about their crab rasam on one of the blog, and decided that I must try it out. It was served piping hot, and delicious! I finished every drop of it, and my brother absolutely love this too.

Overall, it is a really nice place to enjoy a good meal - minus the parking issues. The lunch crowds were pouring when we were about to leave, so try to be there before lunch to avoid parking and find a place to sit. Our total meal came to RM51 for 3 person.

Operating Hours: Daily 12pm - 3pm

47, Jalan 1/10
Petaling Jaya (Old Town)

GPS Coordinates: 3.08578, 101.646501

Contact Details: +603 7782 0863

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