Citrus @ Bangsar Village 2

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We've passed by Citrus many times, but never once stepped foot into the restaurant - until my mom recommended the place. It's located on the same floor as Borders and Lego shop. In fact, it is opposite Borders, next to Senjyu Japanese Restaurant.

This was my 3rd visit to the restaurant. They serve fusion cuisine, and their menu consists of Malaysian, Western and Pakistani food. Sounds confusing huh? If you are thinking that they might screw up the food due to this wide range of cuisines, you thought wrong. They have patrons pouring in during lunch and dinner hours.

Ordered drinking water to share. I like the Evian bottle. ^_^

Lamb Nasi Briyani
Joe ordered their infamous Lamb Nasi Briyani. The rice was fluffy and fragrant, you can taste the spices that goes into the rice.

I was kinda worry when I saw the lamb, it looks really dry. I was wrong! The lamb was tender and gamey, and I like it; but some might find it to be too gamey for their liking.

The pickled cucumbers were so-so for me. The taste was too mild for me, personally.

Angry Oleo
The Angry Oleo consist of zucchini, mushrooms, sautéed garlic and chili padi. I thought I would be really spicy and I was expecting that, but the heat was subtle.

The pasta was not too bad, though not as al dente as I would prefer, but it has some bite to it. I really love the mushrooms in it.

Our total bill was roughly about RM48. Overall, it was a satisfying meal. I would say their portion is actually quite big. So, for small eaters like me, it is advisable to share the food.

Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday 9:30AM - 10PM

Bangsar Village II,
Bangsar Baru 2 Jalan Telawi Satu,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Details: +603 2287 9560

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