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I have a good news for you book lovers out there!

First of all, let me just say, I understand how expensive books or reading materials can be in Malaysia. Bookurve is an online bookstore that offers the largest book selection with lowest price and FREE delivery!

Click on "Discovery" to access the Homepage. If you have a particular book in mind, go ahead and search via the search engine.

Click on the "Category" drop down and search for your preferred genre, and just scroll up and down the page to find your book. I personally prefer to search for books like this - with pictures of the cover page, instead of just a long list of book name. It is much more easier and less tiring for my eyes, when I'm trying to scroll and look for interesting reading materials. Apart from English books, they offer books in Bahasa Melayu too.

Found something interesting? Check out the synopsis!

Click on the cover page that you find interesting and check out the synopsis, and "Add to Cart" if it's your cup of tea.

 Fill in you shopping details.

 And choose your payment method. Currently, they only accept offline payment via CIMB or Maybank. It would be better if they start to accept credit card payments. Once your payment is done, just wait for the book to be delivered to your doorstep.

Look what I've received from Bookurve!

New addition to my books collection! And yes... I love to shop for books, and I have tons of books in my shelf.

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