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Hola! How's Monday treating all of you so far? Good or still having the blues?

I would like to share something special with you today - a personalized military tag with photo and engraving on it. Thanks to Malaysia Military Tag, I had a chance to customize my very own military tag keychain!

The online purchase is super easy, and they shipped it out the next day. However, due to registered post, it took a few days to arrive.

The quality of the tag is really good, solid enough; the embossed writing was neat and nice; and the photo was in HD, although the file size is limit to 1MB. The photo I chose looked a little blurry, so if you choose a clearer photo, it would definitely look much better on the tag.

For RM32 per tag, it comes with:
  1. Tag with your desired photo and embossed writings
  2. Rubber silencer (they have different colours for you to choose from)
  3. Accessories (15cm Stainless Steel Ball Chain)
Photo credit: Malaysia Military Tag
I was having a difficult time choosing the colour, but I ended up choosing the black one. It's a "friendlier' colour to match with. =P

Photo credit: Malaysia Military Tag

You can choose your preferred chain too. The "Stainless Steel Keychain Ring" and "15cm Stainless Steel Ball Chan" is FOC (comes with the price RM32). However, you can always pay a little bit more for the "Stainless Steel String (RM3)" and "70cm Stainless Steel Ball Chain (RM8)". The chain quality is good too.

You can choose to add an extra RM8 for a military metal box - and voila, a nice little personalized gift for someone special!

Go check out Malaysia Military Tag for more of their affordable and quality products. They have bracelets, watches and shoes too!

Thanks again to Malaysia Military Tag for the sponsor!

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