[Review]: Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask

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I love mask! That's all I have to say. However, I rarely use an eye mask (I know...it's bad). So, I was over the moon when HiShop has generously sponsored the Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask.


Not 1 but 5 eye masks! I am a lucky girl. There's also a RM20 voucher, and I'm already thinking how to utilize it.

I love the packaging - black sachet with a super cute one-black-eyed panda. Unfortunately, both of my eyes are truly a "panda eyes". Lucky me, this eye mask is for whitening, anti-wrinkle and firming. So, how effective is the mask?

"High concentrated pure Vitamin C 10%, Vitamin E and six different fermentation components provide hydration, nourishment, help purify and enhance skin elastic."

The mask sheets are yellow in colour, were not separate with additional plastic foil so they tend to stick together. You would have to use it as soon as you opened the sachet so that all the essence on the mask doesn't dry up.

The eye mask is packed with the essence! Store the mask in the refrigerator before using it, so it will have that cooling sensation. Also, you can either store the remaining essence in the sachet in the refrigerator and apply along the eyes area the next day; or apply the essence around the neckline. After all, Thou shall not waste.

I don't really see much effect after just one use, but will definitely compare the results after finish up all the 5 sachets. However, I really like the feeling after using the eye mask. My eyes felt less tiring, and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling around my eye area. The essence absorb into the skin very well.
My thoughts after using the eye mask? It's really good, and worth to give it a try. You can purchase the mask from HiShop, and don't forget to checkout their other amazing products too!
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