Malgudi Restaurant @ Seksyen 16, PJ: Classic Indian Cuisine

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If you drive around Seksyen 16 often enough, it is very hard to not see name "Malgudi" around the area. Malgudi is a fictional town created by an Indian author R.K. Narayan. The story is so well-known that many started to believe Malgudi actually existed. Hmm.... maybe I should make a trip to India and explore the country for a bit.

Sadly, I'm still lacking of travelling fund to do that. However, I get to have a taste of India when I visited Malgudi Restaurant at Seksyen 16 last week.

Walking into Malgudi, I can't help but to notice the paintings and artwork hanging on the wall. The interior is like what you would expect from an Indian restaurant - colourful and vibrant.

More sittings are available on the 1st floor, and if you are going in a big group, the long tables are just perfect.

Seval Combo (RM 16). Vegetarian deep fried onions, bitter gourd and cauliflower. The deep fried fritters are really crunchy and I could still taste the sweetness and natural flavours of the vegetables.

It tasted so good that I even ate the bitter gourd (I HATE bitter gourd!).

Nasi Lemak Briyani (RM 19.50). Yes, you read it right. It is called Nasi Lemak Briyani, as Malgudi has brilliantly combined both nasi lemak and briyani into 1 delicious plate of food! Served with your usual sides of a nasi lemak, they have incorporated briyani flavours into the rice as well as the fried chicken.

I love this so much especially the sambal. Grew up in Johor, I'm very used to sambal that are on the sweeter side. The sambal at Malgudi has a hint of sweetness but as it lingers in the mouth, the spiciness starts to kick in. Go easy on the sambal, especially if you have low tolerance in spicy food. Nevertheless, this is a dish MUST ORDER at Malgudi!

Oh ya, the Nasi Lemak Briyani will only be served at Malgudi for a limited time only from 31/8/2017 till 16/9/2017. So, don't miss out the chance to try this brilliant dish before it runs out!

Kulfi (RM 7.50). What better way to cool down after having a deliciously spicy food with a plate of frozen dairy dessert? Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian subcontinent flavoured with saffron, nuts served with cow's milk. I like the creamy texture but I find it is a tad too sweet especially after having a spoonful of the ice cream.

Fresh Lime Juice (RM 5). Something sweet and acidic to wash down all the delicious food. It is perfect relieved for the palate from all the rich flavours of the dishes too.

Overall, the food I had at Malgudi were really great, especially the Nasi Lemak Briyani. During the time we were dining at the restaurant, we had the chance to speak to the lady boss. Malgudi aims to serve delicious Indian cuisine to their customers, hence everything on the menu are made from scratch at the restaurant. Compared to some Indian restaurant, the pricing at Malgudi might be a bit higher, but with the efforts and ingredients used, I would say Malgudi is a place worth checking out, especially if you are an Indian food lover like me!

To know more updates on Malgudi Restaurant, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: 17, Lorong Universiti C, Seksyen 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 12pm to 3.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm DAILY
Contact: +603 7931 2556

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