Nasi Kok Kok Ayam @ Kota Kemuning: Homemade Fried Chicken Rice to Die For

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Looking at the name is not hard to guess that I'm going to share with you about chicken rice. Most of the time when we talked about chicken rice, we usually refers to the Chinese chicken rice. But today, I'm gonna recommend something different - chicken rice inspired by the Northern region of Peninsula Malaysia.

Nasi Kok Kok Ayam, such a cute name. Don't you think so? The name is just so catchy that I'm sure you won't forget it.

Nasi Kok Kok Ayam has a very simple interior that is almost very similar to the kopitiams back in my hometown.

Lontong (RM 6.50). Lontong has always been my favourite since young. The rich and aromatic coconut milk-based soup is what kept me going back for more, topped with their homemade peanut sambal, the dish is definitely a must try at Nasi Kok Kok Ayam. On the other hand, the compressed rice cakes are a bit too hard.

Nasi Ikan Keli (RM 6.30). Ikan keli is commonly found in Malay dishes. The fish at Nasi Kok Kok Ayam is perfectly fried - crispy skin while the meat is still moist and flaky. Even for a person who doesn't fancy Ikan Keli, I was pretty fond of this.

Nasi Kok Kok Berempah + Telur Masin (RM 7). Not a fan of the bony Ikan Keli? Opt for the fried chicken then. Well-marinated chicken are fried till crispy while the meat is still juicy.

Nasi Lemak Pandan Ayam (RM 6.50). Nasi lemak can be considered as our national food, and I can understand why many have fall in love with the fragrance coconut rice. Nasi Kok Kok Ayam takes their nasi lemak to a whole new level by incorporating pandan into their fragrance rice. With every mouthful, you'll get to enjoy the both the fragrance of coconut and pandan at the same time, along with the crispy fried chicken.

Nasi Kerabu Ayam (RM 7.50). Originated from Kelantan, this plate of blue rice with juicy fried chicken and greens are the perfect meal to have.

Apart from rice and main dishes, Nasi Kok Kok Ayam is also serving breakfast too! Starting from 25th August 2017, you can enjoy their breakfast set at only RM 9, and you get to choose your preferred set with either coffee or tea.

Soft-boiled eggs with steamed bread and kaya are a crowd favourite.

You can also switch to coconut bun too.

Alternatively, go for the yam cake! Trust me, you won't regret choosing this.

Yam Cake (RM 3). You can also purchase the yam cake separately too, and the size of the ala carte will be bigger than what you get from the set. My aunts make a killer yam cake and growing up eating theirs, I'm now super picky when it comes to yam cake. I've tried many and sadly most of them are a disappointment. Nasi Kok Kok Ayam made their own yam cake and I love they they still leave the chunks of yam in it to give it some texture! No matter pairing it with sambal, sweet sauce or having it just like that, the yam cake at Nasi Kok Kok Ayam is truly a delicious snack to have!

Coconut Bun (RM 3.50 - 2 pieces). The bun is soft but I'm not a fan of the sweet coconut fillings. However, I know coconut bun is a childhood memory for many people.

Steam Roti Cubes with Homemade Pandan Kaya (RM 3). The evaporated milk cut through the sweetness of the rick kaya while giving it a touch of milky goodness at the same time. According to the owner, this was inspired by Thailand.

Teh (RM 2.50).

Kopi (RM 2.50).

Before the cafes, we used to have these glasses of aromatic local tea and coffee to kick-start our day.

The milkshakes at Nasi Kok Kok Ayam is worth trying too.

Coconut Shake (RM 3.80). Rich and creamy coconut topped with Vanilla ice cream, this is my favourite.

Jagung Shake (RM 3.80). Blended using actual corn, the Jagung Shake still has the bits and pieces of the corn in it.

Lime Shake (RM 3.80). When the sun is blazing hot, the refreshing Lime Shake is certainly the one to have!

Cendol (RM 3.50). The cendol is soft and nice, and they incorporated actual gula melaka syrup into the Cendol. A highly recommended dessert to have at Nasi Kok Kok Ayam.

As Malaysian, we are very pampered with various delicacies from different states and different races; and these dishes are favourites to many people. To ensure not to compromise the quality of their dishes, most of the food and sauces were made in-house. On top of this, the pricing is really cheap too. You can have a satisfying meal at Nasi Kok Kok Ayam within RM 10!

To know more updates on Nasi Kok Kok Ayam, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: No.8, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Operation Hours: 8am to 5pm (Tuesday to Saturday) | 9am to 5pm (Sunday) | Monday CLOSED
Contact: +6017 911 1732

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