Fitgo Smoothies: Healthy Smoothie On the Go under 1 Minute

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Are you conscious over your diet and always on the lookout for something healthy? If you are, then I would like to bring your attention to Fitgo Smoothie.

Fitgo Smoothie is a ProYo (protein + yoghurt) smoothie vending machine created to meet the increasing demands from consumers today for a healthier choices, especially when they are on-the-go. The concept of Fitgo Smoothie was born with founder, Jess Lin, was on a protein based meal replacement program. Through collaboration with a group of carefully selected engineers and programmers, the first prototype vending machine was born, and the first vending machine was deployed earlier in March 2017.

A month ago, Fitgo Smoothie landed itself in Jaya 33 Shopping Mall, and I had the opportunity to attend the launch as well as try out the machine myself.

During the launch, we get to try out some finger food prepared by D'Italiane Kitchen while Jess explains Fitgo Smoothie to us.

The ingredients used in the preparation of the smoothie are sourced fresh from farms and wholesale markets. The fruits and vegetables will then be cleaned, cut and weighed according to the recipes before being packed into individual smoothie cups together with the key ingredient - frozen ProYo cubes - which is formulated by Jess.

The ProYo cubes consist of probiotics derived from yoghurt, soy protein and prebiotics to ensure that each cup of Fitgo Smoothie contains a minimum of 40 million colony-forming unit (CFU) of live bacteria cultures. Finally, the cups are labeled and sealed before they are stored in a room with a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius for optimum freshness. Once the frozen cups are distributed to the vending machines, they are stored inside the machines at a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. These cups maintain freshness for up to 1 month upon production.

There are 7 different mixes of smoothies based on the rainbow colours and each smoothie is between 192 and 236 calories and contains 12 grams of protein per 400 mililiter (ml) serving. I chose the Purple Mix, which has ProYo, dragon fruit, purple cabbage, and blackcurrant. Because no sugar was added into the mix, the sweetness in the smoothie comes from the natural sweetness of the fruits. It is not too sweet and definitely healthier option for me.

We had some fun customizing our own smoothie bowl too, and my best friend did an amazing job in decorating his smoothie bowl!

Each of the smoothies is priced at RM 10, and you can get them from various vending machines located at:

- Dpulze Shopping Centre Cyberjaya
- Etiqa Twins
- Jaya 33 Shopping Mall
- Menara KH
- Monash University
- Menara Tokio Marine

With a menu of blended-on-order real fruit and vegetable smoothies, Fitgo Smoothie is really ideal for those seeking for fun and fast replacement option or healthier snack alternatives. If you have yet to try out Fitgo Smoothie, do drop by one of these locations and give it a try!

To know more about Fitgo Smoothie, check out their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

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