Kungfu Steam Seafood 蒸功夫: Finger-licking Delicious Fresh Seafood!!

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When it comes to seafood, I'm pretty many of you enjoy these delicacies from the ocean. I love my seafood and I absolutely have no favourite over any of them! However, I do have a preference over how they are being cooked. Personally, I like to taste the sweetness of the seafood, so I'd prefer mine to be steamed. And today, I would like to talk about one of my favourite seafood place - Kungfu Steam!

Tuna & Baby Octopus (RM 13.80). If you love the baby tako served in Japanese restaurant, you'll enjoy this. You can consider ordering this while waiting for the seafood to be cooked.

Live Canadian Oyster (RM 16.80/piece). What's the best way to enjoy fresh oysters? Served on ice with fresh lemons, of course!

Signature Flower Crab Porridge (RM 23.80/small | RM 33.80/big). Yes, porridge! Before steaming the seafood, bowl of rice and crab will be put into the pot WITHOUT adding any water or seasonings. If you are wondering how they cooked the rice and crab, the answer is with the essence of the seafood that will be dripping into the pot while steaming. The result is a pot of porridge that is so rich with seafood flavours!

Live Clam (RM 4.80/100gm). I love eating clams especially when they are steamed or served in soup. The clams at Kungfu Steam are so fresh, and the meat are plump, juicy and sweet. What better way to enjoy these babies than steaming them?

Live King Tiger Grouper (RM 14.80/100gm). Steam fish is another favourite of mine. The grouper at Kungfu Steam is really fresh but I still felt that it could use a few dashes of sauce to enhance the sweetness of the fish.

Premium Mud Crab (seasonal price). Crab lovers, you'd definitely love the crabs at Kungfu Steam. Not only they are fresh (you can "visit" them at the aquarium outdoor) but the meat is firm and sweet!

Live Boston Lobster (RM 28.80/100gm). The toothsome lobsters are another must have at Kungfu Steam.

Cordyceps Kampung Chicken (RM 28.80 - half). Many people preferred kampung chicken, a.k.a free-range chicken because the meat has more flavours and better texture. I'm not a chicken person, but nevertheless, it is still a good choice to have with seafood.

Enoki Chicken Slice (RM 16.80).

Smoked Duck Vege Roll.

Smoked Duck Mushroom Roll (RM 16.80).

Kungfu Steam makes their own fish paste and if you are a fan of fish paste, you'll love these.

Mix Vegetables (RM 13.80 - small | RM 19.80 - big). Vegetables are must have, especially when the natural sweetness got enhanced after steaming!

Apart from steamed seafood, Kungfu Steam is now serving set lunch too!

Seafood Ramen with Superior Soup. The soup is so rich with seafood flavours! This is a MUST ORDER!!!

Tom Yum with Fish Balls. The tom yum soup is thick and rich. I absolutely love it!

Curry Laksa with Australian Beef Slice. If you love thick curry laksa, give this a try.

This is a super VALUE set lunch! How so? The portion is big and you get to choose your preferred soup base and ingredients from RM 12.90! And, the set comes with a drink and fruits too.

In a rush and don't have time to sit down for lunch? Kungfu Steam offers take-away service too.

Seafood lovers, you definitely have to try out Kungfu Steam. Not only that the seafood are really fresh, but you'll find some seasonal seafood from time to time too! I can't help but to salivate just by the thought of these sweet, succulent seafood and rich flavourful porridge.

There are 3 VIP rooms at Kungfu Steam if you prefer to have some privacy or going in a big group.

Families with kids, your little ones can have fun at the children's room.

To know more updates on Kungfu Steam, do check out with Facebook and Instagram.

Address: No.G-13A, Jalan Puteri 7/13A, The Cube, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Operation Hours: Daily 10.30am to 2.30pm (Lunch) | 11.30am to 11pm (Steam seafood)b
Contact: +6016 2132828

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