Shopping Spree: Splurge or Save?

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Hi again! I believe by judging on the topic, you peeps would have guessed what this post is about. With the ease of shopping online, many of us - including myself, has some difficulties in controlling our expenses; and hence, the splurging.

I was approached by the friendly Ms Jessica Brady from to share my experience on my impulsive purchases and my methods of shopping for a sale. is a new peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favourite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash. Recently, they have created a fun and informative blog called "Impulse Buying: Splurging When You Think You’re Saving". The blog is about the different ways other retailers, coax customers into spending money they shouldn’t be. Go check out their blog!

I admit I am a big time impulsive shopper!

Beauty Products

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When it comes to beauty-related products! I just have a very hard time of saying "NO" to them, and we girls know how expensive these things could be. I used to spend a lot in shops like SaSa or Sephora, and those cosmetics counters in the shopping malls. I'm curious to try out all these products, and ended up purchasing things that don't suits my skin or I do not need.

Eventually I realised that I'd really need to understand my skin better, so that I do not spend the unnecessary money. Guess what, this really help me a lot! Instead of blindly trying out each and every products in the market and burning a big hole in my purse, I start to do my research on them before purchasing. This helps me to understand the products and also the reviews from the users; while at the same time narrow it down to the few products that suits me - and ultimately save me a lot of money.

Mega Sales

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Another occasion that would "motivate" you to spend is during the sales season. Many malls or retail stores would have discounts, eg. 50% on 2nd item or buy 3 for certain amount. It might look like you are saving, but in actual fact, you might be spending more than you really need to.

I notice a lot of shops like to use the "Buy 2nd item at 50%" sales method. If you really think about it, you actually only save about 25% in your total bill, and by purchasing the 2nd item you are already spending extra. This also applies to those "buy 3 for 2" sales gimmick. However, if you really need those items then it makes sense, otherwise, just stick to the stuff that you actually need not want. Trust me, I learnt this the hard way too. ='(

Retailers and companies are getting much more creative in their marketing and promotion plan. However, I personally feel that there are still ways for us to enjoy our shopping spree while still be able to save - so long we are wise in the choices we made while making a purchase.

So, ladies and gentlemen... Happy shopping and most of all, SHOP WISELY!!

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