Christmas Surprise with Cubecrate!

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Merry Christmas everyone! How did you spend you holidays? Since we are having a considerably long holiday, I've been eating quite a bit. =p

This is my 4th mystery box from Cubecrate, and this time is a Christmas theme from them! Ain't the snowman stocking just too cute?! ^_^

Thanks for the beautiful flower from Happy Bunch (online florist) and the yummy snack from EatSeize (get your healthy food delivery everyday!).

Sneak peak on what goodies are inside my December box!

Let's have a closer look in the goodies!

Another item from Claire Organics - Natural Avocado Soap, an antioxidant and hydrating soap. The soap contains natural ingredients:
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Refine Avocado Oil
  • Essential Oil Blend
It helps to:
  1. Sooth sunburned skin
  2. Boost collagen production
  3. Treat age spot
  4. Reduce itching and inflammation of the skin
  5. Soften rough and cracked skin

Serums from B&B Labs. I'm currently using the Mangosteen Brightening Detox Serum, a very light-weighted serum that is easily absorbed into the skin and helps to prevent cellular damage, provide anti-inflammation effect, smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines, promote collagen synthesis, nullify damage to cells caused by UV radiation, suppress melanin synthesis, and lighten existing melanin on the skin.

The Advance Durian Hydration Serum sounded quite interesting, and it will be my first time trying it out. Durian...hmmmmm~~~~~ I did some research on their website and it said this intensive serum helps repair skin barrier, reinforces skin's own moisture-making ability and replenishes critical moisture to help prevent age-accelerating dehydration.

Dangling earrings from Potsie Pottie. They offer both women and kid's clothing and accessories sourced from all over the globe that fit all budgets while maintaining quality. You can either purchase from their online store or drop by their retail store at Atria Shopping Gallery.

Also, a cute pin from Yelp. Need help in sourcing local services or eateries? Check out the recommendations at Yelp!

Yummy recipe from Onions & Garlic. Get everything you need at Onions & Garlic from recipes to getting your ingredients delivered by their personal shoppers. No time to do grocery shopping and not sure what or how to cook that particular dish? Let Onions & Garlic help you with these!

Temporary tattoos from Tara for those who are not too sure about getting permanent tattoos. The tattoos can last about 4-6 days depending on where you place and how you take care of it. Get creative with these beautiful designs - mix and match, wear it for anyone occasion you want! The removal of the tattoos is very easy too. Just apply lotion or baby oil on the tattoo, and rub gently after waiting for 10 seconds. Voila! You are ready for your next metallic tattoo.

Need advice and recommendation on home and lifestyle services such as where to have your computer repair or catering? Check out Page Advisor Malaysia!

On top of their surprise elements, Cubecrate really goes all out to provide goodies that are useful or practical to their subscribers. After all, it is always good to receive surprise and gifts that you will really use.

Look Cubecrate up to know more about their mystery boxes, and start sending some love to the people around you! ^_ ^

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