CubeCrate: Your Monthly Box of Surprises!

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At one point, beauty boxes used to bloom like mushrooms after the rain but it eventually dies off. Truth to be told, I jumped onto the bandwagon too but got pretty disappointed - the products were either useless to me or not worth the value (you'll see tons of samples that you could redeem from those beauty counter =_=||).

Due to my past experience, I did not have much expectations when I came across CubeCrate thinking it's just another beauty box. I realized how wrong I could have been when I opened my very first mysterious box from CubeCrate.

CubeCrate is very similar like beauty box. What set them apart? One word - varieties! In addition to beauty products, CubeCrate add in various items such as decor items, handy everyday things, midnight snacks (Yes, they have food too!!!!) and cute accessories. On top of this, subscribers would not get to choose what categories you prefer, so it's really a mysterious box. This is like celebrating Christmas and birthday EVERY MONTH. Worry the goodies in the box might not suit you? Fret not, as they will send you another one at no extra charges.

Every items in the box were carefully handpicked by them. For a box full of actual size items at only RM25, I find it to be very affordable. In fact, the value of the box is more than what you pay for! I opened up my September box, and it immediately put a smile on my face. =)

Joey's Homemade Peanut Butter
I'm a huge fan of peanut butter, especially the creamy ones but I've never tried any other nut butter before. I'm now definitely a fan of Joey's Homemade Cashew Butter. Compared to the usual peanut butter, the texture is slight runny and might not be as runny but it tasted soooo good! It's nutty and not too sweet - perfect to spread over bread or crackers. Psst...I heard they have Almond Butter too ^_^

Charmaine Handmade Keycovers
The keycover from Charmaine Handmade Keycovers is a cute yet practical. Basically, the covers were designed to keep your keys away from scratching your phones. Also, it made finding keys in your bag a much easier job now.

Claire Organics
Claire Organics Enchanted Perfume Oil is another handy item in the box. A small roll on essential oil with rose scent is very convenient to carry around, especially if you are only carrying a clutch or small handbag. A quick pick-me-up wherever you go! Claire Organics pride themselves on using only natural ingredients with 100% chemical free, and even safe for baby use.

Another favourite of mine would be the 2 items from Wunderbath - The Denture soap and Rouge Wunderlippie Stained Lip Balm. Ain't they just too cute??? The lip balm is made of all natural and vegan products, so you can expect it to be Carmine, Paraben and Silicone free. The Denture soap was handmade with vegetable-based moisturizing ingredients; and though it's really cute, I still wonder when I'll be using it.

Last but not least, the coupons from Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. They are an award-winning integrated beauty medical centre that offers an extensive menu of cosmetics procedures, aesthetic treatments, and health services. There's no minimum purchases in using these vouchers, so I'll probably start with the chemical peel! ^_^

Adding on to all these amazing items, BloomThis has also provided a 10% discount to CubeCrate subscribers. BloomThis is an e-commerce platform for luxury flowers subscription, and they deliver the flowers to your doorstep.

Overall, I'm very satisfy with what I've gotten from CubeCrate. 

Ready for your monthly surprises? Start your subscription now! Save more if you subscribe for a longer period. 

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