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December is my favourite month and mostly due to it is the month of joy - Christmas!!! How many of you have started your Christmas shopping? If you are still not sure what gifts to surprise your loved ones, I have the solution here for you - Cubecrate!

Cubecrate is a monthly mystery box where the subscribers will get different surprises every month, ranging from food to beauty products and many more. I've been receiving my Cubecrate boxes since September and were very satisfied with the surprises I've gotten in both my September and October box. 

So..Let see what surprises I've gotten for my November box!

Claire Organics
Yay!! Another Claire Organics product ^_^ I've tried out their facial scrub that came with the October box, and am super satisfy with it. You can read further on my review here

The Claire Organics Herbal Balm is anti-bacteria, nourishing and anti-eczema. It is great for:
  • Sensitive skin
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Reduce itchiness, prickly heat
  • Soothe insect bites, burns & cuts, and allergic skin

The balm is made from natural and organics ingredients. The texture is a little bit oily but very thin and get absorb into the skin in no time. Personally, I felt the tea tree and peppermint scent are very soothing, and I really like it a lot.
SPS Muruku
Nothing beats a little snack all the way from Ipoh. The muruku from SPS Muruku were really crunchy and fresh. My family and I finished every single bit of it as soon as we opened it up.

KFIT first trial vouchers. Not too sure if you'll enjoy doing gym or wanting to try out new classes? KFIT allows you to do so by allowing you to try out various gyms and classes before you actually commit to it.

Tester Laboratory Cafe
Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro is a pet-friendly cafe at Kepong that serves delicious food in interesting experimental/science lab approach. Be prepared to see your drinks being served in test tubes and beakers!

Beyond Beauty International
Beyond Beauty International has a holistic approach towards health and beauty. It offers total face and body care, and complete with slimming and spa services. 

Thanks to Cubecrate, I'll be going for the Ultra Radiance Hydrating Facial. Stay tune for my review!! 

For over 2 months, Cubecrate has never been disappointing in their mysterious boxes. If you are thinking what Christmas surprise gifts to get, why not give Cubecrate a try?

Cubecrate is now offering 3 different subscription rate, and they are really affordable. So, why not send some love to the people around you and surprise them with this mysterious box!

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