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Two weeks ago, I had a very fruitful weekend and thanks to CubeCrate, I had my very first interview with SJStyle along with some other amazing bloggers at Scissors Palace, where most celebrities went to style their hair and owned by one of the celebrity hair stylist - Davis Wong!

So, What is SJStlye?

SJStyle is a beauty and lifestyle web TV shows by the gorgeous Sharifah Juliana.

Sharifah Juliana is a renowned and beauty expert herself, and has been in the entertainment industry for over 2 decades. She later turned to be a TV host and lifestyle blogger, and sharing her tips and tricked on SJStyle. Apart from beauty tips, you can get interesting inside scoop of supermodels and artists around the globe too.

So, back to the interview....

We were at Scissors Place in the morning to get ready for our photoshoot and interview.

A sneak peak of what's inside the October's mysterious box!

Makeover by the ever-pretty Sharifah Juliana herself. Look at these make-up!!

Cecilia and I were the first 2 bloggers to have our interview.

I was super nervous, and didn't know where to put my hands!! It was a short interview where I get to share how unique CubeCrate was and aso.... talk a little bit on my blog. ^_^

Check out the video on our interview here.

So. wanna know what goodies I've gotten in my October mystery box??

Joey's Homemade
Another jar of Joey's Homemade, yay!!! Ever since I had my first jar from the September box,  I'm totally a fan and got officially hook on this. If you have yet to try the products from Joey's Homemade, you definitely are missing out a lot.
Organo Gold
It was my first time know the brand Organo Gold, which develop a healthy alternative to regular coffee.

I tried their Cafe Latte and found that it's pretty good. Compare to your usual instant coffee, this was aromatic and not as sweet.

In conjunction to Halloween, a Halloween cookie made my Nook was included in the box. I was very concern about the sweetness of the cookie due to the icing on top, but it turn out to be a delicious! The cookie was crumbly and the sweetness of the icing was just nice. 

KFIT just came in time! After all the eating and NOT EXERCISING, I seriously need to hit the gym. KFIT is a monthly membership to hundred of gyms, fitness studios and activities in your city. It allows you to try new location every day. You can download the mobile app to access a huge variety of activities and classes. No more excuse of not exercising!

Claire Organics is a familiar name among many, and they pride themselves on using only natural ingredients for all their products. It's all 100% chemical free, and even safe for baby use. This month, an anti-acne facial scrub came with the box.

I  like that the scrub has pumpkin seed in it, and can't wait to share my thoughts with you! Stay tune my blog, as I'll be sharing my experience with the anti-acne facial scrub in a different post. ^_^

Last but not least, voucher from Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre!

After receiving the Cubecrate mysterious box for 2 months, I'm really very happy with the contents.

Don't forget to drop by their website to know more about their subscription details. Also.... don't you think mysterious box make a good Christmas gift? *wink*

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