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With the weather getting crazier nowadays, we have been reminding our loved ones to stay hydrated and consume more water. But, what about our skin? 

Do you know it's important to keep our skin hydrated at all times in order to have a healthy skin? Plus, with the haze situation, it could prevent itchiness to your skin too.

Thanks to the lovely people from Natta Cosme, I've been recently introduced to a skincare product from Thailand named YOKO.

YOKO has been established since 1999 and they have expanded their distribution market to more than 35 countries such as Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Middle East countries, Philippines and many more. 

Over the years, YOKO has maintain its high standard in product quality by using natural ingredients.

YOKO Milky Shower Cream

I am a sucker when it comes to milk, especially in beauty products. Milk is good for whitening and hydrating the skin, and I seriously need BOTH! The black and white design of the bottle reminded me a lot of a dairy cow!

Your skin loses moisture during shower. Instead of replacing the moisture, why not prevent it from happening?! YOKO Milky Shower Cream is specially formulated for the skin with selection of quality ingredients that contain beneficial moisturizing vitamins to allow deep moisturizing into skin:
  • Milk Protein. Maintain skin youthfulness and softness as well as forming a layer to protect the skin hydrate. Maintain skin moisture balance and reveal the velvet smooth skin.
  • Vitamin E. Protect the skin from UV ray while moisturizes and reduces skin toughness.
  • Vitamin B3. Whitening and moisturizing skin.
  • Sweet Almond Oil. Keep skin soft and smooth. Relieve irritation.
  • Yeast Extract. Give the skin a moisture boost and retaining it. Maintaining the skin natural balance.

Pop open the cap and you can start enjoy your milk shower!

The texture of the shower cream is runny and has a pleasant scent of baby powder.

The shower cream lather up easily, and it doesn't dry up my skin.

Product: YOKO Milky Shower Cream
Price: RM 21
Size: 250ml

YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum

Don't forget to protect your skin before leaving the house too. YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum contain Hokkaido Milk and Glutathione, which is an antioxidant. The peach colour and milk design is truly feminine.

YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum is a light-weighted and fast absorbing serum that helps to protect your skin from harmful effect of the UV rays. The nourishing benefits of Hokkaido milk and Glutathione bring out your radiance and healthy looking skin with soft and smooth touch.

I like the secure cap that comes with it.

The body serum is very runny, so be careful when squeezing out the product and make sure you secure the cap properly. As for the scent, it's stronger and very floral.

Since the body serum is light-weighted, it got absorbed into the skin very fast without leaving any sticky residue at all. Since this comes with UV protection, you can transfer some of the serum into a smaller bottle, carry it with you and apply whenever you want to.

Product: YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum
Price: RM 38
Size: 200ml

YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum

It's important to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night too, and you can do so by using YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum.

It contain Spring Sea Water, Collagen, Hyaluron, Shea Butter and Vitamin B3 which refreshes and lock the moisture into the skin.

The texture is also very runny but instead of floral, this has a refreshing scent.

The body serum was very light-weighted. Apart from the slight cooling sensation, it get absorbed pretty quickly and did not leave any sticky residue on the skin.

Product: YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum
Price: RM 38
Size: 200ml

Apart from the shower cream and body serum, YOKO offer products such as spa salt, body butter, whitening cream and many others. You can have your own spa session at home with their products to have silky smooth skin without spending big bucks on spa centre!

Want to know more about these products? I've embedded the link into the "Product" name, so you can check them out at Natta Cosme.

For more information:

Website: http://www.nattacosme.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NattaCosme
Instagram: https://instagram.com/nattacosme/

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