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I always believe the saying "eyes are the windows to your soul", and if you have read my previous posts you would know I am a true believer to this. To have an "attractive" eyes, I believe eyelashes plays a very important role.

I've tried all means to have long, curly and thick lashes, from applying serum to using the best mascara that could create this effect. Recently, I was given the opportunity to have an eyelash extension experience at Pink Passion The Signature Salon at Aman Suria.

With the shocking pink exterior, it's very easy to spot the salon. Parking would probably be a problem during weekdays, but since I went on a Sunday late afternoon I had no issue getting one.

The interior is very feminine, They have used the colour pink in a very brilliant way, creating a cosy and welcoming ambiance at the salon. Pink Passion has been in the industry for more than 5 years. Apart from eyelash extension, they provide body and face treatments too, such as body massage, and facial.

I was led into the room with dimmed lighting and soothing music playing at the background. Although I wasn't nervous about the extension, but the lighting and music was very calming - and I really liked it  a lot. p/s: sorry for not taking the room's photo due to the dimmed lightings.

Before starting the procedure, I was given a choice to have a dramatic look or a natural; and I go for the latter. A piece of surgical tape will be placed just under the eyelid to separate the upper and lower lashes, and to prevent the glue from getting into the eyes. I did not feel any pain nor uncomfortable throughout the process, except the feeling of them trimming the false lashes. 

Once it's done, you'll have to wait for a bit for the glue to dry up. I was told the extension process would take about an hour, but I was done less than that. So..... how's the result?!!

The "Before" photo of my eyelash. Frankly, I the length of my lashes were still acceptable but I would love it to be thicker and have more curls. 

The "After".....  *jeng jeng jeng*

Look at those lashes!!!!! Finally I can have thick and curly lashes ^_^

I was told that the extension can last about one month or slightly longer, depends on how gentle you are and how you take care of the lashes. The glue was waterproof, so no problem if you want to go for a swim after that. However, it wasn't oil and heat proof. This means have to be extra careful when using oil base products (eg. cleaning oil) on the face. It took me some time in getting used to the weight of the extension, but it only lasted for few minutes and the feeling was almost gone. 

I took another photo slight before 2 weeks, and the lashes were all intact! 

A side view of the lashes. Don't you just want to bat those gorgeous eyelashes?!! What are the benefits of having eyelash extension? No more putting on mascara and eyeliner, and it's super time saving. You'll even look beautiful during your lazy days with just simple foundation on!


For my readers, Pink Passion is now offering Rich Lashes Extension to you at only RM 88 instead of RM 128. Also, you'll be getting a FREE touch-up within 7 days from your eyelash extension service. This is definitely a good bargain!

How to get the discounted rate? Save and/or Print BOTH the vouchers below, and show it to them. Alternatively, you can mention my name "Rebecca Wong" or my blog name "becky-wong". 

Don't forget to call up for an appointment to avoid any disappointment.

Address: 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C, Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours: Tuesday - Saturday (11am - 7pm); Sunday (11am - 6pm)
Contact: +603 7805 7285
Email: maggie@pinkpassion.com.my

For more information:

Website: http://www.pinkpassion.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinkpassionsignaturesalon?fref=ts

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