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I'm sure many of you are familiar with the brand Avène and the positive feedbacks on the brand, but do you know their history goes all the way back to 1736? Wow, that's more than 200 years of experience! It all started from a horse that was suffering from stubborn pruritus and was healed after a few swim in the spring water, to America using the Thermal Spring Water to treat burnt victims of the Great Chicago Fire. Amazing, isn't it?!

Ever since then, Avène Hydrotherapy Centre has attracted 2800 patients per year who has benefited from this excellent products in France and 100 other countries. I've been given an chance to try out this amazing product and I would like to share with you on the Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam.

The gentle cleansing foam was ALLURE Best of Beauty winner in 2013. It is specially formulated for normal to combination, and even sensitive skin! The cleanser might be gentle, but it can help to regulate excess oil and removes make-up leaving skin perfectly matte.
The key ingredients that make this an amazing cleanser are:
  • Patented Glutamic Acid - Mattifies and controls excess oil
  • Gentle cleansing base - Cleanses and thoroughly removes makeup on face and eyes
  • Hydrating agents - Leave skin soft and supple

I always prefer foam cleanser over gel or liquid because I have quite sensitive skin, and a foam-type cleanser is gentle on my skin. Plus, foam cleanser doesn't irritates my acne scars. The gentle cleansing foam was specifically designed for Asian skin in need of extra-gentle care and/or with low tolerance.

Direction of Use: Moisten the skin, place a dab of cleansing foam in the palm and apply on the face, using light circular movement. Rinse off thoroughly with water and gentle pat dry. Use the cleanser day and night.

I've been using the foam for about 2 weeks, and I like to share my thoughts on the cleanser.

I like the texture of the cleanser the moment I pumped it out. The foam was very soft and fine, and because of this, the foam doesn't hold up for too long. The foam is rich and fine, and I only need to apply 1-2 pumps of the cleanser on my face. Also, due to it being a Paraben-free cleanser, it doesn't irritates the eyes at all.

My skin felt more moisturized and refreshing after using the cleanser, and my skin doesn't have crazy breakouts after that! As for the acne? I can't say there's a drastic difference but it definitely keep my acne under control, compared to before. I believe I'll be able to see better results after a month or so of using the product continuously.

Thanks Avène for giving me the chance to try out the gentle cleansing foam, and generously provide me with other products to combat my acne issues. I'm so going to try them out for a month and see it turns out by then. =)
You can grab one of these babies from one of your leading pharmacies.
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