Caffe Bene Mangotella Seasonal Menu: When Mango & Nutella Comes Together!

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You might love mangoes, you might love Nutella. But, have you ever wonder how would it taste it when you combined both mangoes and Nutella? Well.... you don't have to wonder anymore. You can actually try it for yourself at Caffe Bene with their latest seasonal menu - Mangotella!

There are a total of 4 items on their Mangotella menu - 2 bingsu, 1 waffle and 1 milkshake. Let's check them out!

Mango Yogurt Bingsu (RM 29.90). Icy cold bingsu with fresh mango cubes and yogurt gelato. The bingsu is very refreshing and perfect if you are looking for something light.

Mangotella Bingsu (RM 29.90). Nutella fans, get ready to dig into a bowl of bingsu consist of Nutella, mixed nuts, cookies crumbles, and Nutella-flavoured gelato with fresh mangoes!!! First time having Nutella with mango, and they surprisingly tasted well together. The amount of Nutella was just nice for me, but if you really really love Nutella (means you can just scoop it out from a jar and eat it just like that), then you might find the Nutella to be really mild.

Mangotella Waffle (RM 17.90). Personally, I love Belgium waffles especially the light and chewy texture. Topped with fresh mangoes, yogurt gelato and Nutella sauce served at the side, the Mangotella Waffle was my favourite at Caffe Bene.

Drizzled with Nutella sauce.. what a beautiful sight!

Mangotella Smoothie (RM 11.90). Have your mangotella on the go. Don't forget to stir the smoothie so you can both Nutella and mango smoothie in every mouthful.

The Mangotella seasonal menu is available nationwide till end of June 2017. Hurry, drop by your nearest Caffe Bene now!

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