Althea Box [Trendy Box]: Beauty Routine from Head to Toe

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Hello!! I'm back with another beauty blog, and this time it has got to do with Althea! If you are into beauty, I'm sure the name Althea is no stranger to you. Althea was founded to bring Korean beauty items to the world. Ever since Althea first came to Malaysia, they have been introducing a lot of Korean beauty products to Malaysia, and I realized the pricing are so much cheaper!

OK, back to today's post. Apart from all the amazing beauty products, Althea has also released a series of "Trendy Box". Each trendy box has different theme, and I got the #7 Trendy Box - Beauty Routine from Head to Toe.

Check out all the beauty products in the box! It is beauty routine from head to toe indeed. I see shampoo, hair treatment, body sculpting, mask and eye shadow!

First, let's start with the head!

Perfect Serum Shampoo by Mise-en-Scene. It was my first time trying out this brand and I was surprise to find the shampoo doesn't dry the hair. After cleansing, my hair was smooth even before I applied any treatment or moisturizer.

Perfect Serum Treament by Mise-en-Scene. Sometimes, moisturizer is not enough and we need something like a serum or treatment for our hair. There are 7 essential oils in the treatment - Argan, Camelia, Marula, Olive, Jojoba, Coconut and Apricot.

Nature Republic Natural Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack. A healthy scalp is one of the important factors in having healthy, shiny hair. I love how refreshing my scalp feels after using this, and the hint of peppermint in it.

Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence. This essence came just in time for me. I was using my last bottle of whitening serum and was considering getting a new bottle.

It is a widely-known fact that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. The essence is said to add healthy-glow and brighten up your complexion at the same time. I like that the serum comes in a bottle glass with a pump for hygiene purpose, but I've yet to see much results on my skin.

The Choute Hot Body Salt Scrub. Pamper yourself and get ready to fit into that swim suit you have been eyeing on.

Just rub the scrub on concern areas and you'll start to feel a mild burning sensation. The scrub has pepper extract and caffeine to help minimize cellulite while having firmer and supple body skin.

W.Lab Change Foot Peeling Pack. We put so much effort in taking care of our face, body and hair. What about the feet? Yes, it is important to take good care of our feet too. You don't to be seen with wrinkly or ugly feet, do you? Have baby-soft feet with this peeling pack as the foot mask gets rid of thick layers of dead skin cells, and you can say goodbye to cracked feet!

Angel Factory Under-Arm White Peeling Perfume Pads. I know whitening the under-arm has been something that goes on for years, but I've never tried it myself. This product comes with 2 double-sided pads to remove the dead skin and whitening cream to apply at the end.

Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad in 01 Amber Slip. There is no such thing as too many eye shadows for a girl. I've used products from Clio previously and I find the brand has good quality products. The shadows have shimmers but not too much, so it's ideal to be used during day time too.

And... these are the products that came in with the Head to Toe beauty box. A huge thank you to Althea for their generosity!

There are other types of beauty boxes at Althea, and you can check them out at Althea's website. You can also follow their Facebook and Instagram to know more on their updates.

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