Chicken Up @ SS15, Subang Jaya: Finger-Licking Good Fried Chicken Wings and HUGE Squid on Toppoki!

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Ever since Korean drama became popular in Malaysia, more and more Korean restaurants are popping up. It was very excited at first to try out these restaurants, but it came to a point where it started to get boring. Why? Mostly due to the fact that most of them serves very similar food or the quality of the food are really average. Only a handful of Korean restaurants serves truly outstanding food or they have something different on their menu.

Just when I thought so, I received an invitation to try out the food at Chicken Up in SS15 Subang Jaya.

Chicken Up is located along the row of shop houses opposite SS15 Courtyard. Frankly, getting a parking at that area is no easy task. So, to save the trouble of hunting for parking spot, you may park at SS15 Courtyard.

Spot the tree in the restaurant. Rather than cramping up the tables and chairs, I like the way they have arranged the sittings that allowed the guests to have a bit of privacy while dining at the restaurant.

Making my way up to the 1st floor, I noticed they have more greens and dried fruits in jars as their decor. I'm liking the restaurant even more now. With outdoor space at the balcony, the lighting was really good. My friends and I were busy snapping away on our cameras with the food.

Haemul-Pajeon - Seafood & Spring Onion Pancake (RM 26). Your typical Korean pancake with shrimps, squids, chili pepper, onions and chives with Korean batter mix and beef seasoning. Personally, I felt this was ok and nothing much to shout about.

Crispy Signature Wings (RM 18). With simple seasonings in the batter, this original-flavoured fried chicken was a hit at our table and definitely a must order at the restaurant. I'm not a fan of fried food, but I enjoyed my finger-licking good moment with these babies.

Yangnyum Chicken Wings (RM 28). Very similar to the original fried chicken, but these wings were generously coated with Korean sweet chili sauce. It's very appetizing, but the sauces gotten a bit heavy for me at the end. I still prefer the original ones though.

Popcorn Chicken (RM 24). Boneless crispy bite-size chicken in either original or sauce of your choice. We had the original (Crispy), and it tasted as good as the chicken wings. I would definitely recommend these for those who are not too keen to dirty their fingers while dining.

Mama Ginseng Chicken Soup (RM 58). I love anything soup!!! If I can, I'll have a bowl of soup in every meal of mine.This ginseng soup was surprisingly amazing. The soup was flavourful from the sweetness of the chicken and ginseng flavours, and the chicken was off-the-bone tender. Plus, it was raining while we were at the restaurant; the ginseng soup was super comforting to have! Oh, the chicken is stuffed with rice too! I'm already missing this~~~

Taadaa~~~ here comes the highlight of the day - Snow Squid Toppoki (RM 68)! Toppoki is a popular Korean street food, but here in Chicken Up, you get to enjoy it in a different way. Served along with a hot plate of fish cake, kimchi, kimchi fried rice, egg and crispy fried while squid, this dish can be shared among 3-4 persons. The topokki was really spicy, and it was too much for me at the end. Lucky for us, there's snow cheese at the side for us to dip in to soothe the spiciness. If you really really love spicy food, go for it! Else, really think twice.

OK, despite the spiciness.... I'm still missing this quite a bit!

Watermelon Bingsu (RM 28). A very unique way of serving bingsu. It was my first time having bingsu like this. Topped with ice cream, red beans and watermelon balls, the bingsu was very refreshing to have - especially when we were having that spicy toppoki!

Melon Bingsu (RM 38). Sweetness overload with ice cream and melons.

Watermelon Soju (RM 48). Is part of Korean culture to drink soju during a meal, but pairing with watermelon was a first for me. It was very refreshing.

The soju would be served separately with the watermelon, so you can decide how much to pour into the watermelon juice.

Lychee Beerita (RM 48). Lychee is those kinds of fruits that have very pronounced fragrance, and I especially like it when being paired with beer. The sweet flavour of lychee and bitterness of the beer complimented each other perfectly. This is certainly something I would order again and again at the restaurant.

Barley Tea. Icy cold barley tea would be an ideal option for a hot sunny day.

We were extremely full after the meal at Chicken Up, and actually skipped my dinner for that day. It was a nice experience for us to try something different; furthermore, the foods were really good. If I would to go back again, which I definitely will, the chicken wings, toppoki and ginseng soup are something that I'll order in a heartbeat.

To know more updates on Chicken Up, do visit their WebsiteFacebook and Instagram.

Address: No.7, Jalan SS 15/4E, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm (Monday to Thursday) | 11.30am to 11pm (Friday to Sunday)
Contact: +6017 577 9377

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