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As the saying goes "The eyes are the window to your soul". Hence, good mascara that could enhance the eye's beauty is very important, and today I'm going to share with you on SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara.
Natural Volume Attack Mascara (RM 206.70)
The Natural Volume Attack Mascara (RM 206.70) is one of SkinSoul's bestsellers and customers all-time favourite. Staying true to their principal of using harmful ingredients, the mascara is also 100% paraben and prostaglandin free.
One of the key ingredients in the mascara is natural mulberry extract. Natural mulberry extract has been scientifically proven to be rich in polynutrients and vitamins that rejuvenate hair follicles, promote hair growth, retains natural hair colour, and prevents hair fall. It's antioxidant content also protects hair follicles from free radical damage.
Due to the mulberry extract, it will reach into the eyelash hair follicles to nourish your lashes from the outside in. It claims:
  • 100% Paraban & prostaglandin free
  • ZERO use of hair growth chemicals that can cause blurred vision
  • Organic, natural mulberry extract that nourishes, strengthens and curls lashes
  • Visibly grows & thickens lashes in 8 weeks
  • Voluminous coating that strengthen, curls and defines lashes from tip to top
Just imagine mascara that nourishes, grows, thickens and curls your lashes as you use it daily. WOW!!

Compare to my usual mascara, the brush of SkinSoul is definitely bigger.

My lashes are naturally long, but I can still see that the lashes got thicker and longer after applying the mascara. Although it gives volume to the lashes, the mascara doesn't create any clumps on the lashes and the brush were able to coat each lashes perfectly.
These photos were taken 12 hours later. There were some smudges from the mascara but I was told by the consultant from SkinSoul that this is very normal for mascara that is 100% Paraben-free. I'm very satisfied with the length and thickness of my lashes at the end of the day, and despite the smudges, it doesn't irritate my eyes. On the other hand, I felt the curling-effect was a little let down.
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