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I only came to know about Good Food & Co. from my friend when she was shopping in Jaya Shopping Centre. Good Food & Co. is a newly opened café located at the top floor in Jaya Shopping Centre. It's same floor at TGV Cinema. Take the escalator from Serai and go all the way up, you'll find the café on your left.
Good Food & Co. is a small family run café by a couple who are passionate about good food and producing Australian-influenced dishes by using local produce. The menu is very simple but they will change to menu on and off base on what's available during the season or what dishes they love at that moment. I was told there are slight difference in their weekdays and weekend menus, as they like to introduce new dishes to their customers.
GFC Fried Chicken (RM 18)

I was having a hard time deciding what I want. Why? Because all of the dishes look super delicious! I was really torn between their mains and all-day breakfast, but ended up ordering the GFC Fried Chicken with fries and sunny side up (RM 18). The chicken skin was fried till crispy yet the meat was moist, and the runny yolk on the sunny side up was satisfying!
Shashouka with Merguez Sausage (RM 20)
Joe had the Shakshouka with Merguez sausage (RM 20) - a steaming-hot tomato stew topped with egg and Merguez sausage. The stew was not too bad but I would prefer it to have more spices in it. The sausage tasted amazing with the spices in it, and this is a must order if you love heavily-spiced food. Break the egg while the stew is steaming hot to add some creaminess into the dish. You can opt for the non-meat shakshouka (RM 15) too.
They offer coffee and cakes too in the café, but we did not try any of these. However, I'm already planning to pay them a second visit to try other dishes from the menu. Overall, it was a good experience at Good Food & Co. - delicious food, friendly staffs and comfy environment. If you have yet to try Good Food & Co. then I strongly believe that you probably should give it a try. I was told they have set lunch too.
Lot 5.02, Level 5, Jaya Shopping Centre
Jalan Semangat
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday (11am - 8:30pm); Sunday (1pm - 8:30pm)
Contact: +603 7931 5156
For more information:

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      The stew was good especially the sausage.

  2. The fried chicken look inviting. Like going there for my cheatmeal soon.

    1. Try the sausage too... good! lol
      p/s: u have quota to eat...no worries!

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  4. Omg the food look so delicious!!
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    1. Thanks! Hope to see you again real soon~~~~ ^_^