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How awesome would it be if you are able to save money while shopping? Seems like something impossible right? Nope! You can have enjoy this now when you sign up with ShopBack Malaysia!

I'm sure many of you heard of websites that provide coupon codes for extra discounts. With ShopBack, you get coupon codes AND cash back! You'll be saving even more by shopping with ShopBack.
What is ShopBack?
They are an online shopping website with hundred of merchants ranging from fashion to home and living, and they provide you with both the coupon codes from the merchants and cash back on your final purchase.

Sounds a bit too good to be true? Let's see how ShopBack work.

On top of the discounts that you'll be getting, ShopBack give you cash back and it can be transferred to most bank accounts or PayPal account. They do not have limit for you to earn the cash back. You can now earn more in a hassle-free manner! 
How ShopBack Work?
1. Sign Up an Account

You can either sign up with you Facebook or email. I chose to sign up with Facebook. If you sign up with my referral link here, you can get free RM5 on your purchase!
2. Choose the Categories

They have hundreds of merchants for you to choose from under the "Category" bar on the left. Alternatively, you can check out their "Trending Stores" instead.
3. Choose Your Preferred Merchant

When you "click" on the store, it will show you the period of time you can track and receive your cash back.
They have a list of vouchers and discount codes for you to choose from. Don't forget to take note of the expiry dates of the codes.
4. Start Shopping!
Click on "Get Cashback" and it will direct you to the merchant's website, and happy shopping!
*There are more coupons for Lazada. You can find out more about Lazada coupons on ShopBack.
Apart from Lazada, I found some other interesting merchants at ShopBack too:
1. Groupon
Just when I thought shopping at Groupon is already money saving! Who would have thought you could save more on Groupon through ShopBack?! I'm so going to go through the list to look out for some amazing deals. You can check out the hot Groupon deals and promotions here.
2. FoodPanda
I've tried using FoodPanda once, and I really liked their service! You get to enjoy a nice meal and save money? It's sounds like a great deal to me! Get 8.0% cashback on FoodPanda here!
3. Luxola
I love beauty products and have recently found out about Luxola. I can finally replenish some of my skin care without burning a big hole in my pocket with these awesome Luxola deals.
4. Travel
I love to travel, but this hobby doesn't come cheap. Thanks to ShopBack, I can solve my travelling issues once and for all! I can book my flights, check awesome travel packages, book accommodation and decide on car rental - all these at ShopBack. Since I'll be travelling in 2 months time, this is perfect for me! ^_^
Apart from going through the categories, you can check out their "Featured" for their Best Deals and awesome Mother's Day Promotions.
For more information:
Contact: +65 6589 8708
Contact: +6015 4848 0011
For USA & Europe Enquiries: +1 215 253 5988

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