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Shopping + beauty products are 2 of the things that girls like the most. Unfortunately, when it comes to beauty product, there are too many concerns such as the products might be fake or the shop might be a scam. I've been doing online shopping for few years but I only found a handful of reliable online shops, until I came about WishTrend.
What is WishTrend?
It is a Korea company based in Seoul providing Korean beauty products. They believe in "As long as you WISH to be beautiful, you will be beautiful" and has been exploring all over the world to find the best cosmetics to introduce to the customers.

So, what make WishTrend stands out from the rest?
  1. The diversity of products' list. They have the latest cosmetics and skin care not only for women, but also men and babies.
  2. The Affordable Prices and The BEST Quality. Don't think Koran cosmetics are always expensive. They have high functional products but with prices that would definitely surprise you.
  3. Assurance of Freshness with Expiration Dates. They obtain the products directly from the HQ of each cosmetic brand. Check the manufacturing and expiration dates and see how "fresh" they are!
  4. Worldwide and Safe Delivery. They over worldwide delivery within 2-4 days via EMS and 7-14 days via general service. All the products will be fully wrapped by air pack and secured inside a box.
  5. Happy Gifts in Your Box The Diversity of Products' List. Gifts are beautifully presented in a unique box. They are generous with the gifts including product samples, delicious Korean snacks and traditional souvenirs.
  6. Informative Contents. They run their own review program for foreign customers who might be familiar with Korean cosmetics. WISHTREND reviewers will give valuable information on newly-launched products.
  7. Safe Payment System. They do not keep your payment information!
  8. Quick and Kind Respond within 24 hours. You can always contact them at trend@wishcompany.net for any inquiries and you'll be sure to receive a respond within 24 hours.
  9. Special "wish box". The Wish Box consists of very special products that are difficult to get abroad, which have Korean theme.
  10. Exclusive Products. They have products which are only exclusive at WISHTREN that will renew your skin and your life.
I took some time to browse through their website and I must say, their have quite a lot of selections. If I could I would purchase almost every products found on their website (Yes! They are THAT GOOD!!!), but sadly I can't. So, I took an even longer time to choose the ones that I RELLY WANT AND NEED!!!

What I WANT!

1. I'm From Vitamin Tree Watergel & Mask


I am a fan of facial mask, regardless wash off or sheet facial mask. I came across this I'm From Vitamin Tree Watergel & Mask from WishTrend, which seems to receive a lot of praise from beauty bloggers. It's suitable for all skin type, and can help to achieve brighter, more vibrant and radiant skin.

2. Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

I've heard so many good reviews on Klairs' Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish, and I really want to try this out! *Secretly hoping able to achieve flawless skin like the Korean girls...*

3. Berrisom Lip Tint Pack

The colours are strikingly beautiful; it's long lasting and moisturizing. I want to have all of these colours. Also, they are not your usual lip tint as they are a peel-off lip tint! Apply a layer of tint onto your lip, leave it on for 5-10 minutes and peel it off gently. Then apply a transparent lip gloss for a finishing look.

4. ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

I heard some good review of ElishaCoy and am very interested to try their CC Cream. When it comes to makeup, I'm a fan of less is more and I think this CC Cream might be just what I needed.

5. Hello Everybody Moringa Repairing Hair Pack


My love for mask doesn't just stop at facial mask, but also hair mask. I have frizzy and damaged hair, and I really always wanted to have shining long hair. I've tried multiple hair mask but nothing seems to be working permanently. The "Before" and "After" photo on the website made me even more want to try this product.

These are the top 5 items that I've narrowed down from WishTrend, but they have so much more items on their website. You really should check them out here.

Not too sure if you want to pay for the shipping cost? They offer free shipping for certain products too. Check out the list from their Free Shipping Zone here.

How Do I Purchase from WishTrend?


Step 1: Login/Sign Up

Don't forget to sign up for an account.

Step 2: Choose the Product(s) & Quantity

Choose the product and quantity you preferred then "Add to Cart" and proceed to "Checkout".

Step 3: Shipping Address

Step 4: Order Summary

Double confirm the item(s) and shipping address before clicking "Checkout". You can choose either "Standard Shipping" or "EMS Shipping".

Step 5: Payment Method

Choose your payment method and fill in the payment details.

You are done! Now you just have to sit back and wait for the item(s) to be delivered to your doorsteps.

For  more information:

Website: http://www.wishtrend.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WISHglobal

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