Time to Enjoy Life @ Taiwan

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I love to travel and I made it a point to travel at least once in a year. Having said so, I have yet to visit Taiwan and this lovely country has always been at the top of my list.

Thanks to Time for Taiwan TTBKL and The Butterfly Project, they will be sending a lucky winner on a "Time To Enjoy Life" 5D4N Taiwan trip! Yoohoo~~~~~~

All I need to do is to share on my blog the reasons why I would like to go to Taiwan based on one of the following theme:
  • Time to Eat
  • Time to Shop
  • Time for Two Wheels

I know what I'll choose the very second I saw the list - Time to Eat! I practically live to eat, so I can't say no to Taiwan delicacies!

Taiwan is a country full of surprises, and due to their strategic location, they have so much to offer in their cuisine. Among all the Taiwanese food, I've "kind of" shortlisted the ones that I MUST HAVE!

1. Stinky Tofu

Despite its funky smell, I believe Stinky Tofu is top of the list of many people who visited or plan to visit Taiwan.  There's a saying "the stronger the smell, the tastier it is". The fermented tofu will be fried till crispy and garnish with pickled cabbage. The crispy skin and soft inside is a perfect combination! I could eat this all day.
2. Ba Wan

Ba Wan in Mandarin means "meat ball", and is much bigger and very different from the usual meat balls that we consume. Ba Wan has a translucent skin that is made with rice flour, corn starch and sweet potato starch, and stuffed with pork, vegetables and eggs. It has a chewy and gelatinous texture. The sweet sauce and the savoury fillings might sound weird, but goes very well together.
3. Coffin Board
Don't be shock by the name "Coffin Board". It's not what you were thinking. Coffin Board is a specialty from Tainan - a hollow centre thick slice of toast with chicken meat and liver, shrimp, carrots, potatoes, and milk as the fillings. The crunchy hot toast will soaked up the milky gravy from the fillings - it's heavenly!

4. Three-cup Chicken (三杯雞)

I absolutely love Taiwan's Three-cup Chicken. The chicken is cooked with one cup of rice wine, a cup of oil, and a cup of soya sauce. Hence, the name "Three-cup Chicken". Although the ingredients are simple but it's a complex dish - fragrance of the rice wine with a hint of pleasant bitterness of the dark soya sauce. Some restaurants will use sesame oil instead to elevate the dish.

5. Pigs Blood Rice Cake (豬血米糕)

Yep, another funky food! Guess I have a thing for "unique" cuisine. LOL!! The pigs blood will be mixed to together with sticky rice. The rice cake is usually rolled in hot sauce, peanuts and cilantro; and it has a slight chewy texture.

6. Sun Cakes (太陽餅)

Taiwan is famous for Pineapple Tarts, but I prefer Sun Cakes instead. Sun cakes were originated from Taichung and it has a flaky pastry filled with maltose. It's so addictive that I could eat these babies one after another.

7. Iron Eggs (鐵蛋)
Usually they quail eggs will be used to produce Iron Eggs. The eggs will be stewed in mix spices for a long period of time till it turns chewy and dark brown in colour. The eggs are much more flavourful compared to your normal eggs from all the flavours it has absorbed all the way to the yolk.

8. Grilled Squid

Taiwan is surrounded by ocean and they have a rich source of seafood. When in Taiwan, it's a must to have their seafood especially grilled squid. The charcoal-grilled squid are lightly marinated and sprinkled with salt and pepper -  I heard these lightly marinated babies are very addictive.
Wish me luck and to all the butterflies too! ^_^

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