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There are so many craze about Big Spoon, but I never got the chance to drop by SetiaWalk to try the food there until recently. Few weeks ago, I was invited to Big Spoon for a food review and I was thinking "Yay!"

The restaurant is located in SetiaWalk Puchong, directly opposite Subway. Big Spoon serves American-Chinese cuisine, and the food is served in a huge spoon! It's a similar concept as Boat Noodle - small bites, but they serve it in a big spoon instead of bowl.

Tomato in Sweet Osmanthus Sauce
We started off with a very refreshing starter - Tomato in Sweet Osmanthus Sauce. The chilled tomatoes were tossed with homemade osmanthus glaze, and the sweet and sour taste along with the subtle fragrance of osmanthus was very appetizing - especially during a hot afternoon.

Oriental Salad (RM 1.90)
Fresh, crisp and cold combination of Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and fried wonton wrap drizzled with oriental flavour salad dressing made from soy sauce, peanut butter, vinegar, sugar, black bean hot sauce. Yep, there's peanut butter in the dressing, so might not be a good idea if you are allergy to peanut butter! I have mixed feelings towards this dish - love it at first bite, but the sauce tasted too heavy after a few bites.

Pan Fried Dumplings (RM 3.90)
Pan fried Northeastern China handmade dumplings stuffed with chicken and Napa cabbage.

I like the slight crisp on the skin, but I felt the fillings were lacking. You can either pair the dumplings with a bit of vinegar and special house oil.

My personal favourite would be the special black bean hot sauce.

Boiled Dumplings
Another dumplings! Instead of pan fried, they were boiled. I felt the skin was a tad too thick.

Fried Spring Roll (RM 3.90)
This is definitely one of the iconic dishes in a Chinese restaurant in America. If you watch enough Hollywood movies, you'll realised they seems to enjoy spring rolls a lot! Big Spoon handmade their Fried Spring Roll (RM 3.90) and it's served with house special dipping sauce. The skin was fried till crispy but the fillings could use a tad more seasonings.

Cold Chicken Noodles (RM 1.90)
 The Cold Chicken Noodles (RM 1.90) are served with shredded chicken, cucumber and drizzled with flavourful house made sauce and sesame seeds.
I would recommend consuming the noodles with black bean hot sauce and chili oil, to add extra heat into the noodles.
Crispy Taro Roll (RM 4.90)
A meal is only perfect when it's being ended with some satisfying dessert. The Crispy Taro Roll (RM 4.90) was served warm. The crispy skin was stuffed with taro (a.k.a yam) paste with the end coated with sesame seeds. It reminded me of one of the snacks you'll find in the Yau Char Kuai stall.

Strawberry Butter Cream Prawns
Strawberry Butter Cream Prawns - this dish was definitely the highlight of the day! The prawns were cooked to perfection, served with sweet and savoury butter cream, and garnished with sliced strawberries to cut through the richness of the butter cream and bring out the flavour of the prawns. It might seems to be a weird combination, but who knew prawns, butter cream and strawberries would be such a perfect combination!
Golden Pear Essence Dessert (RM 4.90)
Golden Pear Essence Dessert (RM 4.90) - slow-cooked for 3 hours with pear, white fungus, wolfberries, and rock sugar. It's wasn't too sweet and the crunchy white fungus have the dessert some extra texture. The dessert was served warm but I would prefer it to be chilled - especially under the crazily hot weather.

We were given their "special" herbal tea to try - it's a very unique taste and would require some time to get used to.

Overall, Big Spoon is an ideal place for a hassle-free, fast and simple meal with friends and family. The portion is small so you definitely need to order a few more "spoons" to have a decent meal.

Big Spoon
D-7-G, Block D, Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan
47160 Puchong, Selangor

Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday (11am - 10pm)
Contact: +6012 357 5965
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybigspoon

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