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Hello, my lovely readers! Today I would like to share with you my thoughts on facial soap.
Before I start my review, I would like to thank Seri Emas International for providing me the opportunity to review their product.
So, let's look at the soap...

Seri Emas Facial Soap is a 100% handmade soap, produced locally and it's halal. It consist 50% honey, with a combination of natural herbs, cinnamon, coconut oil, turmeric and pomegranate extract. Seri Emas claimed the soap was suitable for oily, sensitive, and acne skin; and you will be able to see the results after 7 days of using the facial soap.
Due to the pomegranate extract in the facial soap, it was red in colour with some "black spot". The size is smaller than the usual soap, and it's handy. It's easy to lather too, and a little of the foam goes a long way.
Unfortunately, the facial soap has a typical unpleasant scent of soap. I was expecting some honey or pomegranate scent, but none. Also, after rinsing off the foam, I felt some tightness to my skin. I have sensitive and combination skin, and I felt that the soap is too drying for my skin. After trying out the soap for couple of times, I could still feel the tightness every time I rinsed off the foam. I don't really see much result on my face, apart that I felt it's less dull after using the soap.
My Verdict
I felt the soap is more suitable for people with oily skin. So, if you have oily skin and have no issues with the "soapy" scent, you may want to consider this facial soap.
You can redeem a free sample of the soap, by completing the form here.
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