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One of the downside working in Jaya One was that it doesn't have a bakery in the premise, and that's why when Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Café opened their bakery in The School @ Jaya One, I was super excited!
The bakery is located at 1st floor in The School @ Jaya One, exactly one floor up from [i]Store.
I really like their food a lot (has also visited the café a few times), so I was very excited when an opportunity came up for me to write a review for them.

Since they are a bakery café, they offer some amazing bread too! According to the very friendly wife of the owner, they started off by producing bread back in their factory in Kajang and supplying the bread dough throughout Asia including China. They decided to offer what they have to the local market as well, so they had their very first franchise - Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Café
(L) Mrs Pumpkin, (R) Red Bean Bandit

 I really like their bread a lot! They were really fluffy and soft. If you like bread filled with custard/cream or fan of red bean paste, do try the Mrs Pumpkin and Read Bean Bandit. I was worry the fillings would be too sweet, but it turned out just fine.
Tofu Cheesecake
Tired of the usual cheesecake? Try this Tofu Cheesecake! If you are a tofu and cheesecake lover, you'd love this. It so soft with a hint of tofu taste, and the crunchy base added some texture to the cake.
Apart from buns, breads, and cakes, they have salads, hot meals and small bites if you are looking to have a proper meal. The place is spacious and because of the natural sunlight they are getting, the place is very bright and comfy.

These are 2 of my favourite sections to chill - by the glass window and the sofas at the corner.

Let's talk about food now!

Chicken Schnitzel Salad (RM 12)
Pieces of deep-fried breaded chicken fillet sitting in top of fresh greens, lightly tossed with Thousand Island dressing - the Chicken Schnitzel Salad (RM 12) was a satisfying delicious salad. I'm neither a salad nor thousand island dressing person, but I like this dish a lot - it wasn't drowned in thousand island dressing, and the chicken had a satisfying bite to it and not greasy.

Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM 9)
They make their Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM 9) from scratch, using 2-3 different types of fresh mushroom. Compared to those instant mushroom soup served in some of the cafes/restaurants, this was way more flavourful. We could not stop having these creamy goodness!
Classic Carbonara (RM 17)
Classic Carbonara (RM 17). I'd shy away from carbonara most of the time, as they tend to be very heavy; but this was different. Instead of using pre-made sauce from the stores, they made the gravy themselves - a rich egg-yolk based sauce and chicken ham, drizzled over a bed of warm spaghetti.
Tropical Chicken Chop (RM 17)
Tropical Chicken Chop (RM 17) - a dish that I've ordered couple of times. The chicken was grilled and drizzled with their house special gravy, served with salad, fries, pineapple ring and caramelized cherry tomatoes. The chicken was juicy but not greasy - healthy AND yummy!
Grilled Chicken Burger (RM 15)
Grilled Chicken Burger (RM 15). Juicy pieces of chicken in between their homemade bun, served with fries and spicy Peri Peri sauce. The wholemeal bun was really soft - another yummy AND healthy dish.
In order to give their patrons more choices, they'll have special menu on and off. So, do drop by the café and check their specials out!
With it being a café, I've got to try their coffee.
Cafe Latte (RM 9)
Flat White (RM 10)

Cafe Mocha (RM 10)
The coffee were really good, and I like the coffee art on my cafe mocha. Also, their add in double shot to all of their coffee instead of single shot. Yay for a coffee lover like me! If you prefer your coffee to be stronger, you can always add RM2 for additional shot.
Fret not, if you are not a coffee lover.
Hot Chocolate (RM 9)
I know this sounds weird, but I'm not a fan of chocolate and could really live without it, hence, I'd never order any chocolate beverages. However, the Hot Chocolate (RM 9) here tasted quite good - not too sweet and doesn't have that unpleasant-cheap-quality-chocolate taste.

For tea lovers, they offer organic tea too!
Apart from serving hot meals to bread, they self-manufactured cookies too!
Cookies (RM 8/box)
We didn't get to try the cookies yet, but I'm contemplating to get one and try it out. They have 4 flavours - Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange, and Cranberry.
Look how cute their logo! It's a bread man holding loaves of bread.
They have baking & décor classes for kids too! This way, the parents can sit down and enjoy some nice meal while the kids having fun at the baking classes. It's definitely a nice way to spend the weekend.
The cupcakes were so cute, and they were my childhood favourite - sesame street! Seriously, these kids were really talented. I can't even do simple decoration on my cupcakes.
You can now sign up for their membership card. It's only RM 15 for 2 years.
I got my membership card, and I like the graphic on the front.
What do you get by being their member?
  •  5% discount from total bill
  • Special discounts on selected buns
  • Birthday tokens
  • Monthly promotion & monthly surprises
  • Students special - 10% discount on total bill
Overall, I really like the place a lot and I actually do come back and hang out there over the weekend. It's a very bright and cosy place, and it gives a very welcoming vibe to the patrons. As for the pricing, I'd say it's reasonable given the quality of the food they are offering.
Jacqueline, Sin Yee, Jane, Tenshi and 2 of the owners
Last but not least, a group photo with the bloggers and owners! Thanks Jane for the photo. ^_^
P/s: Do check out their blogs too ya!
For more information:
100-1.37 & 100-1.41
The School, Block J, Jaya One
72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Operating Hours: 10AM - 7PM (Close on Sunday)
Contact: +603 7491 4866
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