Plus Bazaar @ POP, Jaya One

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Recently, I got invited by to a very special bazaar held in POP, Jaya One - Plus Bazaar by Fat is Fab.
Fat if Fab, or FIF, is a non-profit community group that promotes self-confidence through self-image. The group was founded by like-minded people, who wanted to educate the public on the wrong perceptions of being a plus size. At the same time, they wanted to encourage people who are overweight, shouldn't be ashamed of their looks, but instead embrace it proudly.
Though I'm not a plus size myself, but I find there were hardly any bazaars or shopping malls cater for plus size consumers; and this always make me frown. Hence, I was excited when I came across this bazaar. They are the first and only bazaar with plus size as the theme, and managed to gather quite a few local entrepreneurs - ranging from clothes to food, all under one roof for this 2 days bazaar.
Though I was busy going from stalls to stalls to explore some goodies, I managed to snap some photos.

I was there exactly during lunch time, so the crowd wasn't there yet and I get to avoid the crowd while taking my time to browse through. Lucky me!
Photo taken by Joe
They offered beautiful and colourful accessories too.
Claire Organics
They have some handmade goodies too, from Claire Organics! I've seen them around, and their products looks really pretty.

The other stall that caught my attention was.... food!
Photo taken by Joe
The cakes were so cute! I couldn't helped it and bought a box of Hokkaido cupcake. They were fluffy and nice!

I wonder how those "Cheese Cake Meleleh" taste....

I saw a stall selling candies that definitely brought back some childhood memories.

Some were selling some pre-loved books too.
Before leaving the bazaar, I was given a complimentary photo shoot, courtesy of FIF! Can't wait to see how those photos turn out!! ^_^
Overall, it was a fun and interesting bazaar and I like it a lot! I spoke to one of the founder, Ms Tantiyana, and she told me that they had their first bazaar previously at SS2 Mall. How could I missed that?!!
Anyway, she also shared with me that they'll try to have the bazaar once in every 3-4 months. For you readers who wanted to check them out or has missed this chance, fret not! I was told they'll be having their next bazaar very soon... in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! So, people in East Malaysia, don't forget to check out their website for more details on this.
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