The Humble Pie Co. @ Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya

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Cafes have been springing up like mushrooms after the rain, and I visited one of the new café in Seksyen 17 @ Petaling Jaya - The Humble Pie Co.

The café is located along the row of Kanna Curry House at Seksyen 17, same block as the police station. It's really easy to spot the café as you drive pass Kanna Curry House, as it is in bright coral colour.

P/s: sorry for not taking a photo of the shop >.<

Despite the name "The Humble Pie", they do serve main course too.

During our first visit, we decided to try out their pie and coffee (I'm a caffeine addict!).

Banoffee Pie (RM 12)
We were recommended by their beautiful lady boss to try their Banoffee Pie (RM 12). It's a pie with digestive biscuits topped with generous chunks of bananas soaked in toffee sauce, light whipped creamed with sprinkled of coffee powder. I love the pie as it wasn't too sweet, and it's perfect to savour it with a cup of coffee.
Mocha (RM 11)
Iced Latte (RM 11)
Although we really enjoyed the pie a lot, we can't really say that for the coffee. The Ice Latte (RM 11) was really diluted, and the Mocha (RM 11) was only average.
Overall, I'd go back for the pie but most probably would be ordering the coffee.
Total damage: RM 37.40 (+10% tax)
No. 11, Jalan 17/45, Section 17
46400, Petaling Jaya
Contact: +6016 9221 973 / +603 7932 1793
For more information:

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