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There are lots of really talented actors in the film industry, and Denzel Washington definitely is one of them. After films such as "American Gangster" and "Book of Eli", he's back with another action movie - The Equalizer.
"McCall (Denzel Washington), a former black ops commando who has been living his quiet life in Boston, was forced to come out of his "retirement" to rescue a young girl, Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz) from the Russian gangsters."

Personally, I felt the plot was predictable and you can kind of figure how all of these going to end. For example, the final showdown at the huge hardware warehouse where McCall works where you can expect the hero to make use of the existing hardware into his personal weapon to fight off the gangsters who were trying to take him down with automatic weapons.

However, I like the digital enhanced effects where they'll take you into McCall's eyeball as he contemplates what is the best way and fastest time to kill off his enemies. Also, if you like some violent, gruesome killing/stabbing scenes, then you might enjoy the movie as much as I do.

Despite the plot is predictable, the interactions between Denzel Washington (Robert McCall) and Marton Csokas (Teddy) were truly a pleasure to watch. If Washington is good at packing tons of emotions into one-single glance than many other actors; Csokas brilliantly brought out that sadistic madness of the character. The scene where McCall surprised Teddy at a Russian restaurant reminded me of the interrogation scene from "American Gangster".

Who is Marton Csokas? He acted in many films such as Lord of The Rings, XXX, The Bourne Supremacy and others.

As for our damsel-in-distress, Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz), she only appeared in the movie for less than 30 minutes, and it left the audience wondering what happened to her until the very end of the movie where she re-appeared again.

Overall, The Equalizer is still an enjoyable movie for me. However, I felt the movie was left hanging as it did not really inform the audience who Robert McCall really was. Maybe a sequel?

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