Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse

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Once again, thanks to HiShop, I was given a chance to try out Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse.

I've come across this product couple of times, but did not really cross my mind to try it out.
The Beauty Talk Oxy Solution Mousse offers much more than just a cleanser, as it contains:
  1. OxyPearcalin® - replenish oxygen deep into skin to promote skin renewal
  2. Sorbitol - gentle cleansing agent without injuring the skin, and improves absorption of vitamins and other nutriens
  3. Trehalose - protect keratin to prevent moisture loss and hydrates skin
  4. Cucumer Extract - softening, refreshing, toning & moisturizing. It soothes wrinkles and refine pores sizes
  5. Aloe Barbadensis Extract - antioxidant and healing properties, protect skin against harmful UV rays. It softens, moisturizes and hydrates skin
  6. Jojoba Seed Oil - improve skin elasticity and suppleness, containing natural tocopherols to minimize oxidation
It claims to:
  1. Remove dead skin
  2. Refine pore size
  3. Regulate, nourish and rebuild skin with oxygen
  4. Works as gentle cleanser and non-waterproof make up remove

It is in light yellowish liquid form.

After pumping it out, it will turn into very soft mousse. However, the mousse is a bit runny, and it's advisable to apply it as soon as you pump it out, because the bubbles vanishe very fast.
The results...

Most of my cosmetics are waterproof. Although it says the mousse works as a non-waterproof make up remover, I'd still like to see how effective it is on waterproof cosmetics.

You can see that the mousse is really runny, and the bubbles are vanishing fast.

I tried to rub the makeup off gently, and you can see that most of them are being removed except for the eyeliner/kajal.

It took me a few rubs in order to thoroughly remove all the makeup.
How to Use
Instead of directly pumping onto your hand, you can first pump onto a cotton pad and gently wipe it on your skin. With this, you can remove your makeup and dead or unhealthy skin at the same time.  For double cleansing purposes, use the mousse as a second cleanser.
Suitable For
All skin type, especially for sensitive and dry skin. It is recommended for combination skin with oil unbalancing, acnes, whitehead and blackhead.
I've used it a few times on my face, but have yet to notice any visible results on the pore minimizing or improvement on my skin elasticity. However, though it says it may be applied around the eyes area; I had a stinging sensation when I was cleaning my eyes area.
Would I consider continue using the product? Yes. It does remove the makeup, and I think it's a good option if you are looking into a 2-in-1 product to remove makeup and cleanse your face at the same time.
The Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse (110ml) is selling at RM 105, and you can get it from HiShop.
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