Cincin Restaurant & Wine Bar @ Cheras: A Celebration of Food & Wine

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December is FINALLY HERE, and it is the month of celebration! With Christmas and New Year Eve coming real soon, many restaurants are rolling out their special menu. I've started my research for Christmas special menu since November and I found out about Cincin Restaurant & Wine Bar at Cheras.

"Cincin" means cheers in Italian. It is the first cosy & elegant restaurant in Cheras serving fine Western cuisine along with good selection of premium wines. Situated at a corner lot, Cincin is a 2-storey restaurant with its ground floor mainly for beer and casual dining; while 1st floor is a perfect place for wine dining, which would require a tiny bit of dressing up - smart casual.

Padre Pedro Reserve Branco (White). Started our dinner with a glass of white wine, which has a nice fruity note.

Caesar Salad. A plate of crispy greens and smoked salmon drizzled with house special dressing. I enjoy bold flavours in my food; but if you prefer something light as your appetizer, then you might find the Caesar Salad to be a little bit too salty.

Clear Soup with Truffle Oil. I love the robust flavours of truffle and I was pretty surprised that the earthiness of truffles goes so well with the aromatic herbal notes in the soup.

Grilled Portobello with Bacon and Cheese. The meaty texture of Portobello topped with crispy bacon and cheese, this is my favourite dish!

Poach Salmon with White Wine Broth. The salmon is poached perfectly - tender and flaky, while the white wine broth ties the entire dish together. Unfortunately, the broth was quite salty during our dinner; otherwise, this could have been a perfect dish.

Aldeya Tinto (Red). When the waiter came over and changed my glass of wine to red, I knew right away I'll soon get to sink my teeth into that one dish I've been looking forward to the entire night....

Grilled Lamb Rack with Red Wine Rosemary Sauce. Succulent and tender lamb is so good that would make you want to have more of these babies.

Hojicha Creme Brulee. Had countless creme brulee but this is my first time trying Hojicha Creme Brulee. When the dessert was served, I was wondering where is the thin crust on top of the custard. When I took a second look only then I realized the crust is really really thin. If you are worry about the sweetness of the creme brulee, don't be. The sweetness of the smooth creamy custard is perfectly balanced out with the toasty notes of the hojicha.

Ballerina. While reading through the menu, the name "Ballerina" caught my attention. With such beautiful name, I was wondering how the dessert would look like. A selections of strawberries, lemon curd and Vanilla ice cream served inside a ball of thin meringue shell. The explosion of sweet & sour flavours in every bite is like a happy dance in the mouth. Ballerina, indeed!

After filling ourselves with food and wine, it cake cutting time!! Few of us November & December babies get to celebrate our birthday with our friends at Cincin.

With such beautiful decor and backdrop setups, Cincin is a perfect place for birthday celebration.

No matter what you have in mind, you can always discuss your idea with the restaurant. Oh ya, don't forget to make your reservation so they can serve you at their best.

Photo sessions after food and wine and cakes!!

Like what you see? Cincin offers membership special too! Spend RM 500 wine purchase in total of 3 bills in a month, and you are entitled to your own crystal wineglass stored in Cincin for FREE, and a charm with name. You can also follow Cincin Facebook for their in-house events. For every event joined, member will get a special charm chained on their wineglass.

In conjunction with Christmas, Cincin has special Christmas promo in December too:

1. Roast and grill platter for 4 pax with complimentary 4 glasses of cava price at RM 268++.

2. Christ dinner from 22nd til 25th December with a mixture of salad, soup and cold cuts in butter style; and both turkey and lamb leg serve table side. Do check their Facebook for more updates on the price.

3. But 1 FREE 1 promotion for:
    Cava (RM 38++)
    Red Wine (RM 28++)
    White Wine (RM 28++)

To know more updates on Cincin Restaurant & Wine Bar, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: No.1, Jalan 1/119, Taman Bukit Hijau, Cheras 56000, Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 3pm to 2am DAILY
Contact: +603 9134 2272

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