Caffe Bene ChocoCheese: Chocolate + Cheese for All the Ladies!

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When it comes to dessert, we girls always have that extra space in us to eat more. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I found out Caffe Bene has launched a new series of dessert. To make it more exciting, it is a series with a heavenly combination of chocolate AND cheese!!

So, my friends and I went to the branch in Mid Valley to try the ChocoCheese ourselves. OK, it has been quite some time since I last stepped foot into any Caffe Bene branches, and I'm really liking the cosy feeling of their Mid Valley branch. Better still, there is a long table inside the cafe with power source, so that you can do some work while enjoying your desserts or coffee at Caffe Bene.

ChocoCheese Bingsu (RM 29.90). Caffe Bene is famous for their bingsu and you can't try their new series without having their bingsu. The ChocoCheese Bingsu is a combination of sweet chocolate and savoury cheese in a double sized bingsu!

Enjoy their signature shaved ice dessert served generously with sweet chocolate sauce, crunchy cookie crumble, cheese shavings and cheese sauce. Not to forget their toppings of cream cheese gelato and a slice of creamy cheese cake too!

ChocoCheese Bene Pastry (RM 21.90). Not a fan of icy dessert? Go for pastry then! Warm buttery pastry freshly prepared, topped with dark chocolate gelato, drizzled in ChocoCheese sauce with shaved cheese slices at the side. The pastry is soft and crumbly, and quite filling too.

ChocoCheese Mocha (RM 16.90). Chocolate and coffee is not a new combination, but with cheese?! Enjoy your favourite sweet aromatic Mocha topped with cheese foam. The sweet and savoury flavous are unimaginably delightful. The Mocha is available for both hot and cold option.

Chocolate and cheese lovers, dessert lovers.... don't miss out the chance to indulge yourself with your favourite dessert! The ChocoCheese series is the final seasonal menu of Caffe Bene for 2017. It is available from now till 7/1/2018.

Apart from ChocoCheese, Caffe Bene is also having promotion on every Wednesday too!

For more updates on Caffe Bene, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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