White Sand Cafe @ Empire Damansara: A Cosy "Santorini" in Klang Valley

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Empire Damansara might not have much to offer, but the restaurants & cafes in that area are definitely the reasons that why many keep going back to Empire Damansara. One of it is the newly opened White Sand Cafe.

Take the elevator to Ground Floor, and you'll see the big painting of White Sand Cafe at the entrance. If you are still not sure where the cafe is, it is located where Tous Les Jours used to be.

The white & blue theme of White Sand Cafe reminds of a lot of Santorini in Greece, especially the outdoor sittings. Simple and spacious, the cafe is pretty comfy especially with all the natural light shining through.

My favourite spot is the outdoor area. Nothing beats basking under the sun while having good food and coffee.

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant (RM 7.90). Buttery and flaky croissant filled with creamy salted egg yolk custard. No matter you love salted egg or a fan of croissant, the Salted Egg Yolk Croissant is a must try at the cafe!

Fried Lemongrass Wings - 3pcs (RM 15.90). Tender and juicy chicken wings well-marinated with lemongrass and Asian spices.

Hot-hot Boxing Chicken - 5pcs (RM 15.90). If you love spicy Korean sauce, you'd love these tender wings glazed with sticky spicy Korean sauce.

Grilled Mushroom Tartine with Egg & Avocado (RM 22.90). Grilled mushrooms and avocado topped with poached egg on top of a slice of sourdough and drizzled with balsamic sauce.

Egg Benedict (RM 11.90). White Sand's own twist of Egg Benedict by replacing the bread with buttery and flaky croissant. Personally I think this is a better version of Egg Benedict not just because their Hollandaise sauce is really good, but the dish is lighter with croissant. However, it is still a dish that could fill you up easily.

Tom Yum Shrimp Linguine (RM 22.90). Fresh lemongrass paste and minced garlic sautee till fragrant then tossed with pasta. If you enjoy a little bit of heat in your dishes, you might like this plate of linguine.

Grilled Salmon Steak (RM 26.90). Hearty salmon cut, seasoned, grilled, served with French beans and topped with lemon cream sauce. I don't usually like cooked salmon, but I love this Grilled Salmon Steak. The fish is cooked perfectly with crispy skin and flaky meat, and the tangy lemon cream sauce nicely cuts through the fattiness of the salmon and brightens up the dish.

Ayam Percik Butter Rice (RM 19.90). Chicken chop marinated in Asian spices grilled to perfection topped with percik sauce. Packed with aromatic Asian spices, the percik sauce is rich and creamy - a very nice local twist of the usual chicken chop.

Stone Pot Shrimp (RM 26.90). Stoneware pot served with vegetables or shrimp with your choice of noodles (vermicelli, glass noodle, yee mee) and choice of soup base (hot & spicy or tom yum). We had Tom Yum as our soup base. I love the spiciness, but it could get a bit too overwhelming, especially if you have low tolerance of spicy food.

Cafe Mocha (RM 12.90). The Mocha has a nice ratio of coffee and cocoa.

Latte (RM 11.90).

Gula Melaka Iced Latte (RM 14.90). The gula melaka added a nice flavours to the coffee, yet not too sweet. I love this very much!

Matcha Latte (RM 14.90). The Matcha Latte is not too bad too, but if you prefer your matcha to be on the bitter side, then you might not like this.

Shirley Temple (RM 13.90). Grenadine syrup and mint leaves topped with soda and garnished with maraschino cherry. I love the refreshing mint flavours in the drink.

A Pinch of Ginger (RM 13.90). Orange juice, lime juice and syrup shaken together and topped with passion fruits with a pinch of ginger. A glass of tangy refreshing drink with a hint of aromatic ginger flavours.

Rosemary Whisper (RM 13.90). Grapefruit juice and Rosemary syrup shaken and garnished with Rosemary stalk. I love both grapefruit and Rosemary. The moment I saw this drink on the menu, I knew I had to try it out. The tangy flavours of the grapefruit pairs surprisingly well with Rosemary. If you love a touch of savoury note in your drinks like I do, try this one out!

For a new cafe, White Sand Cafe has quite a fair bit of varieties on their menu. No matter you are looking for a quick bite or a place to chill or looking for a cosy place to work, White Sand Cafe is a good option. If the weather is nice, opt for the outdoor sittings instead!

To know more about White Sand Cafe, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: 13A, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 8.30am to 10pm (Monday to Thursday) | 8.30am to 12am (Friday to Sunday)
Contact: +603 7611 0975

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