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Growing up watching Hong Kong drama, not only taught me how to speak Cantonese; but it gave me an idea of Hong Kong culture, especially their food. One of the many delicacies of Hong Kong that I've always wanted to try is their cart noodle.

As the name suggested, a person will push his or her cart around selling their noodles; hence, the name "cart noodle". You can mix and match your noodles with sides such as pig intestines, luncheon meat, chicken feet, pigs' blood and many more yummy sides. If you are a fan of Hong Kong street food, you can now have a taste of their street food at HK Boy Cart Noodle.

Owned by a Hong Kong chef, HK Boy Cart Noodle opened up their first outlet in Mahkota Cheras in 2016, and followed by their 2nd branch in Puchong. Recently, they have landed in Pavilion in December 2017 with their 3rd outlet.

HK Boy Cart Noodle is located on Level 1, opposite Old Town White Coffee. The interior of their Pavilion outlet is the same as their 2 other branches.

Walking into HK Boy Cart Noodle, I was immediately transported to Hong Kong with the street name signs and the coloured-papers on the wall.

Egg Waffle with Cheese (RM 9.90). Egg waffle or eggette is a must have when travelling in Hong Kong. The crispy crust and fluffy insides is really addictive, and this is one of my favourite street foods from Hong Kong. Apart from the usual egg waffle, you can enjoy your egg waffle with cheese at HK Boy Cart Noodle. Instead of melted cheese, you'll be biting into chucks of cheese in the waffles. Personally, I still prefer the original egg waffle.

Rice Noodle Roll (RM 6). I love rice noodle roll but usually I'd go for the ones with soya sauce. However, I'm a huge fan over the Rice Noodle Roll at HK Boy Cart Noodle. Why? Because.... of the thick and creamy peanut butter in the sauce! Who would have thought sweet sauce and peanut butter goes so perfectly well together. This is a must order, especially if you love peanut butter.

Large Pork Intestine (RM 3.90). Well-marinated pork intestines served with a dollop of mustard at the side. I like how the mild heat of the mustard nicely spiced up the intestine.

Fried Wanton (RM 3.90). Crispy Fried Wanton to add some textures to the noodles.

Fried Toufu (RM 2.90). The thin and crispy Fried Toufu makes a perfect side dish to go with the noodles.

Next... is the noodle! You can choose your preferred noodles and what sauce to go with. They have 7 types of noodles and 5 sauces for you to choose from, along with varieties of condiments to mix & match with your bowl of noodle. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose your preferred noodles
Step 2: Choose your preferred sauce(s)
Step 3: Choose your condiments

We decided to have 3 bowls of noodles with different sauce and condiments.

Hor Fun in Dried Scallop & Chicken Broth with Braised Sauce & Special Chili Sauce. We chose blood curd, luncheon meat and meatballs as our condiments. The broth by itself can be quite bland but after adding the braised sauce & chili sauce, it added extra depth and flavours to the broth. Personally, I really love the mild spiciness of the chili sauce.

Dried Yellow Noodle served with Braised Sauce & Special Chili Sauce. Personally, I don't really like the yellow as I could still taste the Alkaline in the noodles. However, the 3-layered pork is really tender and well-marinated.

Lo Shu Fun in Tomato Broth Soup. I was looking forward to the tomato broth, and HK Boy Cart Noodle didn't disappoint me at all. The tomato broth is packed with the umami flavours from the tomato and very appetizing. I highly recommend the tomato broth soup.

Hot Milktea (RM 6.90). Silky smooth milktea.

Iced Milktea (RM 6.90). Instead of adding ice cubes into the milktea, the bottle will be served in a bucket of ice. Not only you get to enjoy and quench your thirst with an icy drink, but it would not get diluted after the ice melted.

Milktea with Red Beans. If you are a red bean lover, you'd love this drink.

Pineapple Cooler Drink (RM 6.90). Sweet and fizzy, the Pineapple Cooler is perfect to have as a thirst quencher.

Salty Lemon 7-Up (RM 5.90). Pairing lemon/lime with salt and 7-up has always been a weird combination for me. On the other hand, the citrus notes, saltines and fizzy 7-Up go pretty well together.

Overall, the food at HK Boy Cart Noodle is really nice and I love the varieties of sides and condiments I get to choose from. My personal favourite would definitely have to be that bowl of tomato broth. I'm still missing it very much!! Also, compared to other restaurants in Pavilion, the pricing at HK Boy Cart Noodle is considerably reasonable. So, if you are in the mall, why not drop by and give it a try!

To know more updates on HK Boy Cart Noodle, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Lot 1.28.00 & P1.22.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Bukit Bintang Street, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 10am to 10pm DAILY
Contact: +603 9011 3226

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