MenstruHeat & NeckHeat by PSLove: Non-Medicated Heat Relief

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You know what they said it is more fun to a girl? Well, I totally agree to that statement. However, being a girl also means that we have to go through menstrual cycle. Honestly, it is not the easiest thing to go through; and sometimes. it can be a painful experience.

As a fellow menstrual cramp "sufferer", I need to go through the monthly pain. I've tried all means - from taking medication to be more cautions in what I consume, nothing seems to work effectively. To top it off, working in front of the computer for long hours made me realized that I'm starting to have stiff shoulders.

I recently received a package from PSLove with MentruHeat and NeckHeat in it. PSLove is a Singaporean-based feminine healthcare startup, and the products are said to be 100% natural heat therapy patch to relieve muscle cramps and relax the muscle at the neck and shoulder area.


Each pack of MenstruHeat comes with 1 pad for single use only.

Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps, and MentruHeat is designed to emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles.

The heating pad has 2 sticky sides and the size of the pad is just nice to cover the abdomen area. I didn't get to try the MenstruHeat as I wasn't having my menstrual when I gotten it, but I could feel the heat after I took it out from the packaging. The pad will heat up on its own upon contact with air. I tested the heat for a bit and it was very soothing. I'm very sure this will come in handy when I'm starting to have those irritating cramps...

To use MentstruHeat, peel and paste the pad onto the abdomen area. There are 3 ways to use it, depending on your preference of heat level:

1. Underside of Shirt (Less Heat) - Stick the sticky side to the underside of the shirt, and the cotton side will contact the abdomen.
2. On top of Underwear (Medium Heat) - Stick the heating pad onto the underwear. This will reduce the heat conducted to your skin.
3. On Skin (Most Heat) - Directly paste the pad onto your abdomen and the body heat will speed up the heating process. This is NOT ADVISABLE for those with sensitive skin.

Personally, I think I'll go for the 2nd option. Just by touching the pad itself I could already felt the heat.


Same as the MenstruHeat, there's 1 air-activated heat pad for single usage only.

In today's digital world, we are spending long hours in front of our laptops, phones and tablets. As time goes by, our neck and shoulders start to ache. To solve this problem, PSLove has designed NeckHeat to help release neck & shoulder ache.

NeckHeat is designed to produce an optimum level of heat to relax the tension in the neck and shoulders.

The NeckHeat is is the shape of a boomerang. You can paste the heat pad across the back of your shoulder.

NeckHeat is also designed to be "tear-able". Split them into half, and you can paste the heat pad exactly where you need it the most.

There are few ways that you can use NeckHeat:

1. On top of Shirt (Less Heat) - Paste the heat pad on top of your shirt.
2. On Skin (More Heat) - Paste the heat pad directly onto the skin. You body heat will speed up the heating process, but is NOT ADVISABLE for sensitive skin.

I've tried the 2nd method and thought the heat was very soothing. The pad didn't get too hot as I would have expected. 

My personal thoughts on the heat pads? It gets heat up real fast! The moment it's exposed to the air, the pad started to heat up by itself. I didn't have to sit around and wait for it to heat up. Also, it's very easy to use. Just peel and paste! 

Usually I don't like to paste anything on my skin because it will either be super painful to peel off, or the edges would start to irritate my skin a lot. I'm very happy that the NeckHeat sits perfectly on my shoulder and the pain was very minimal when I peeled it off. To top it off, the pads are odourless!! 

Don't forget to remove the product for at least 5 minutes after every hour of use, to let the skin rest. Prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns.

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Product: MenstruHeat | NeckHeat 
Price: RM 7.64/piece

To know more about PSLove and their products, visit their Website, Facebook and Instagram

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