Hinata Cafe @ Eco Sky Gallery, Jalan Ipoh: Japanese-Style Cafe

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EcoWorld might only be in the property developer industry for a couple of years, but they are set to become a benchmark in Eco development. EcoWorld has quite a few projects going on around Klang Valley, and they have given their projects a touch of "lifestyle". How so? By collaborating with F&B owners and open a cafe in their development! One of the many examples is Hinata Cafe at Eco Sky Gallery.

Hinata Cafe is a collaboration between EcoWorld and La Casa. The cafe is located within the EcoWorld Bizzhub.

Just like any EcoWorld projects, Hinata Cafe's interior is sophisticated and elegant. Stepping into the cafe, it felt more like a showroom rather than a cafe. Well.... we actually walked pass the cafe and wasn't too sure if we were at the right place. Walking into the cafe, I was instantly attracted to the cozy sofas and zen ambiance of the cafe.

Hinata Cafe is fairly new, and they are still in the midst of making adjustments to their menu. Despite so, the varieties on the menu are quite satisfying.

At first bite, I wasn't a fan of the Wild Mushroom (RM 17). I felt the flavours were a tad light (I'm a bold and strong flavours kind of gal!); but as I kept going, the umami flavours of the mushroom started to show. Ended up, I couldn't stop eating it. This was definitely one of my favourite at Hinata Cafe!

Teriyaki Salmon Don (RM 20). I like the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce, but am still not a fan of cooked salmon. I was very surprised to find that they use Japanese rice! If you love salmon, give this a try. It's still a bowl of very comforting food, nevertheless.

Japanese Curry Chicken Cheese Baked Rice (RM 21). Another favourite at Hinata Cafe. The curry flavours were very subtle and the Japanese rice was perfectly baked with cheese. Yummzzz!! Cheese lovers, you can't missed this at Hinata Cafe.

Matcha Latte. Hinata Cafe uses matcha from Matcha Hero at Pavilion KL, and it was not too bad.

I love Hojicha and I can't get enough of the Hojicha Latte. I truly enjoyed the slight bitterness and aromatic tea flavours.

Flat White. Just as their coffee at La Casa, the ones at Hinata Cafe was pretty good too. However, some might find it to be on the milder side.

A slice of cheesecake to wrap up our meal, why not?!

Waffle with Hojicha Ice Cream (RM 20). The waffle was crispy and fluffy, and goes perfectly with Hojicha ice cream and nama chocolates. Not too sweet, I love this! Another recommended dish at Hinata Cafe.

A selection of simple yet delicious comfort food. As mentioned earlier, Hinata Cafe is still in the midst of making adjustments to their menu, and they will be adding new items as time goes by.

The quite and zen ambiance of Hinata Cafe make the cafe a perfect place to chill or to get some work done. Furthermore, the parking is FREE at the moment! Delicious food, comfy and zen ambiance and free parking, what not to like about this place?!

To know more update on Hinata Cafe, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Lot 1-29, No.972, Eco Sky, Batu 6 1/2 Jalan Ipoh, 68100 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 10am to 9pm (Monday to Friday) | 10am to 10pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Contact: +603 6251 2255
Email: davechin99@yahoo.com

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