3B Drip & Dutch Coffee @ Sungai Buloh: Not-to-be-missed New Dishes!

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A few months ago, I asked "How far would you go for a cup of coffee?", and my friends and I found ourselves at Sungai Buloh sipping on hand-drip coffee at 3B Drip & Dutch Coffee.

3B Drip & Dutch Coffee serves both hand-drip and dutch coffee along with a varieties of Korean delicacies.

During our first visit, they were still fine tuning a few things in their cafe, including their menu. Nevertheless, we enjoyed their food and had a great time at the cafe. 3B Drip & Dutch has recently launched a few new dishes, and we were honored to be invited to try them out at the cafe!

The Combination (RM 128). A platter of kimchi, smoked duck, mushrooms, pork belly rolls served alongside with onions, egg rolls and vegetables.

If you are going in a group, this platter would be perfect! After all, food always tastes nicer when shared with loved ones. Don't you think so?

Kimbap (RM 18.90). Colourful seaweed rice roll made with varieties of ingredients.

Jumeokbap (RM 17.90). Aren't these rice balls just too cute?!

Cube Steak (RM 33.90). Cheese lovers, don't forget to try the cube steak with Mozzarella cheese. The flavours of the steak weren't too bad but the texture was a tad tough. I supposed we took a bit too long in taking the photos.

It's so cheesy, I can't!!!!

Kare (RM 23.90). Tried Japanese curry countless times, but it was my first time had Korean curry. Not a fan of this dish as I still prefer Indian-style curry. Need those spices!!

Zhe Ge (RM 18.90). Think of it as 3B's bibimbap.

The Flower Pork (RM 148) was one of the highlight for me. Beautifully plated pork belly that were so well-marinated and tender. Due to it is made to order, the kitchen needs about 20 minutes to prepare the dish.

Korean traditional salad was served at the side to balance out the richness of the pork belly. A very refreshing touch to the dish.

Ham-Bak (RM 28). Juicy patty topped with smooth mashed tomatoes, generously drizzled with gravy. The 3B Korean hamburger is another must try at the cafe.

Just when we thought that's all at 3B, we were wowed by the desserts. Apart from decadent French pastries by Xiao by Crustz, 3B offers traditional Korean mochi too.

Mochi Platter (RM 28). I love the soft, chewy skin but not a fan of the sweetness. But then, I've never been a fan of desserts or anything that are too sweet.

Compared to the mochi platter, this Mochi Waffle (RM 18) is definitely my kind of desserts. Chewy waffles with matcha soft serve paired perfectly together!

Cappucino Dry.

Flat White.

No doubt that the coffee here are really good.

Ice Cute Latte 2.0 - Dutch Coffee (RM 15.50). The famous "Teddy Bear" coffee at 3B. All the elements were served separately and you are free to mix them together according to your liking.

Remember to work fast on that camera of yours before the bear melts away.

3B Citroen Pop Soda (RM 13.90). Cold and fizzy, an ideal refreshing drink to have.

Located at Pusat Komercial LGSB, 3B Drip & Dutch Coffee is a gem at Sungai Buloh serving not only good coffee but also delicious Korean food too. Better still, getting a parking at the area will definitely not be a problem.

Address: 21-G & 1, LGSB 1/4, Pusat Komercial LGSB, Off Jalan Hospital, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Operation Hours: 11am to 9pm (Monday to Thursday) | 11am to 12am (Friday to Sunday)
Contact: +6011 1434 6778

For more information and updates on 3B Drip & Dutch Coffee, visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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