Sushi Mentai @ Taman Desa: Cheap yet High Quality Sushi

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My friends and I LOVE eating Japanese food, but most of the time the quality ones are expensive and yet cheap ones are not worth spending the money. So, when we came across Sushi Mentai, we paid their newly-opened outlet at Taman Desa.

I did some research before dropping by Sushi Mentai, and found out that they serve the cheapest yet high-quality sushi. Wow, this definitely called for a visit!

Sushi Mentai has 30 outlets across Malaysia. Instead of shopping malls, Sushi Mentai chose to have their outlets in or around housing area. Despite not being in malls, their outlets are always crowded especially during lunch and dinner hours.

There are only 2 different price for the sushi at Sushi Mentai - RM 1.80 and RM 2.80. This is seriously cheap! Not only their ingredients are fresh, but they have 25 types of sushi in each category and 30 special sushi depending on seasons.

Salmon Mentai (RM 2.80)

Some of the special sushi we had:

Salmon Sushi with Onion (RM 2.80).

If you love mentai sauce, you definitely wouldn't want to miss out some of their dishes and sushi roll that comes with mentai sauce. One of my favourite is the Ebi Mentaiyaki (RM 9.80).

Fresh prawns come with generous amount of flavourful mentai sauce. The prawns were grilled perfectly and not greasy at all.

Salmon Mentaiyaki (RM 14.80). Another not-to-be-missed dish with delicious mentai sauce.

Since the ingredients at Sushi Mentai are so fresh, how can we not try their sashimi!

Take (RM 16.80) - 3 different types of fresh sashimi for you to enjoy.

Fresh and packed with omega - Salmon Toro (RM 11.80). Can't missed this if you love salmon belly as much as I do!

Need something light and refreshing but still want to enjoy fresh sashimi? The Sashimi Salad (RM 9.80) is a good choice.

Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki (RM 12.80). Stuffed rice roll topped with salmon and mentai sauce. Perfectly delicious!

Tempura Ebi Maki (RM 6.80). It's nice to have some nice crunchy texture along with rice and sashimi.

Too much rice? Sushi Mentai has non-rice maki too!

Salmon Wrap (RM 10.80). Fresh salmon wrapped with a thin layer of rice roll. We can't get enough of this dish!

Takoyaki (RM 4.80). Not too starchy, the takoyaki is nice to munch while waiting for your mains to be served.

Tempura Moriawase (RM 13.80). A mixture of prawns and vegetables, the tempura was fried perfectly and not greasy.

Apart from sushi and maki, Sushi Mentai offers some main dishes too.

Ten Cha Soba/Green (RM 12.80). A plate of cold cha soba is very refreshing to have.

A simple Unagi Don (RM 19.80) can be satisfying too.

Tori Katsu Curry Rice (RM 13.80). The curry is mild and not spicy. It's ideal even if you can't handle spicy food.

Address: No.37-1, Plaza Danau Desa, Jalan 1/109F, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

For more information and updates on Sushi Mentai, visit their Website and Facebook

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