Purple Miao 紫喵 @ Kampung Baru Ampang: A Simple Breakfast Place

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I'm NOT a morning person, and would skip my breakfast most of the time (I know.. this is very bad >.<). However, I would still get up early in the morning once in a blue moon to have nice breakfast. And today, I'm going to share with you this lovely place in Ampang that I willingly sacrificed my sleep for - Purple Miao 紫喵.

I'm not sure how would you categorize Purple Miao. They are not a cafe; neither would I consider them a food stall. Occupying a small space in front of Typical Cafe, Purple Miao serves simple breakfast and hand drip & cold brew coffee.

Purple Miao has REALLY limited seats, so it is advisable for you to either go early and grab a seat, or bring your Tupperware for take-away.

The simple breakfast at Purple Miao - toasts, sandwiches and egg pancake.

No specialty coffee, but local coffee. Yes, Purple Miao only serves local coffee with 2 options - Cold Brew - Black/White (RM 8.50) or Hand Drip Coffee (RM 9.50). I've tried all 3 and can't pick a favourite. Regardless cold brew or hand drip, the coffee is smooth with bodied yet not overly acidic. For the White Cold Brew, it has a nice ratio of milk and coffee.

Let's start with something light before we started to chow down our entire breakfast - 青葱蛋饼 Spring Roll Egg Pancake (RM 5.50). Personally, I'm not a fan of spring onions. But if you are, you would definitely love this.

芝士肉松蛋饼 Meat Floss with Cheese Egg Pancake (RM 9.50). Freshly cooked egg pancake filled with melted cheese and savoury chicken floss~~ yummy!! It tasted so good, especially when it is still hot!

豆腐肉饼 Toufu with Meat Patty Sandwich (RM 8.50). Moist patty and fresh tomatoes sandwiched between perfectly toasted bread - crunchy but not greasy. The flavours are very subtle and just nice to have it as breakfast.

大太阳三明治 Big Sunny Side-up Sandwich (RM 6.50). THIS... THIS.... THIS... is one of my favourite sandwich! Look at that creamy egg yolk oozing out and coating the crunchy toast and fresh tomatoes!!! Oh~~ they added a surprise element too - passion fruit! Surprisingly, the passion fruit goes very well with all the elements, and I love how the slight sourness of the passion fruit cut through the richness of the sandwich.

芝士蛋吐司 Cheesy Egg Toast (RM 7.50). Sometimes, the simplest thing can be satisfying too. This hearty Cheesy Egg Toast is certainly one of them.

番茄三明治 Tomato Sandwich (RM 8.50). This is their "special menu". Meaning, it is off-menu, and you have to be lucky to drop by on the same day that they are serving it. We were super-duper lucky that day. They have yet to prepare the ingredients and wasn't sure if they would be able to serve it. Lucky for us, we managed to grab one that was freshly out from the kitchen!

We left Purple Miao feeling satisfied and happy! Looking at this table of food, I'm already craving for the sandwiches at Purple Miao~~~ looking forward to my next visit, which I hope will be SOON!!!

Worry that you can't find the place? Look out for the striking purple car, and you'll definitely find the place!

Oh ya~~ almost slipped my mind.. Purple Miao only accept cash and NO credit card.

Address: No.342, Jalan Merdeka, Kampong Baru Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: Monday (6.30am to 11.30am)
                                        Tuesday to Thursday (CLOSED)
                                        Friday & Saturday (6.30am to 11.30)
                                        Sunday (7.30am to 1pm)
Contact: +6016 359 9121

For more information and updates on Purple Miao, visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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