Leaf Lohas @ C180 Cheras: A Heaven for Tea Lovers

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I remember when I was young watching my grandfather drinking tea every day. Instead of coffee, he was a tea person and my grandfather was the one who taught me how to appreciate tea. Ever since then, I've developed a love for tea and find the process of making and drinking tea is very therapeutic.

For the past few weeks my friend has been mentioning a place named "Leaf Lohas" at C180 Cheras, and finally we had the chance to pay Leaf Lohas a visit.

Stepping into Leaf Lohas, I immediately felt peace and calm. The place is truly zen! After talking to the owner, we came to know that he is an interior designer himself and the beautiful homey-feeling Leaf Lohas is his creation. Also, the name "Leaf Lohas" came from his surname - Yap, which also refers to "leaf" in Mandarin. As for the word "Lohas", is a lifestyle that they want to promote.

The interior of Leaf Lohas is spacious and I was very surprised to see the wide selections of tea they are offering.

The owners are not only experience but also super friendly in sharing their knowledge in tea.

We started off with a pot of hot White Tea with 2 Desserts白茶套餐 (RM 25). The tea was light with very subtle fragrance. Unlike black tea, the flavour of white tea only gets better with every sip. It is so perfect to enjoy as an afternoon tea with desserts.

I don't enjoy jelly but I love konnyaku, as it has firmer texture. The konnyaku at Leaf Lohas is a must have - firm, springy texture and and packed with flavours made from natural ingredients. They would make their konnyaku based on the ingredients they have on that day, and we had the ones made from chrysanthemum and red dates with wolfberry - 菊花蒟蒻冻+红枣枸杞蒟蒻冻.

Made by the lady boss herself, the cheesecake芝士蛋糕 was rich and creamy. It's a total delish!

Truth be told, I really wasn't looking forward to this dessert as I really absolutely do not like red beans. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this Azuki Bean Yokan日本红豆水洋羹 from Leaf Lohas. I could taste the actual red bean flavours, it wasn't too sweet and with a perfect texture.

I'm sure you've had cold brew coffee before, but have you ever tried cold brew tea? We had their Cold Brew Set (RM 18) that comes with a dessert. We were recommended to try the Lychee Oolong Cold Brew冷泡荔枝乌龙茶. The cold tea was so refreshing, and I love the hint of lychee fragrance. This is another highly-recommended tea to have at Leaf Lohas!

If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to spend your day, or tired of the typical cafe hopping, Leaf Lohas is definitely an excellent choice!

Addres: A-3-UG, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, Cheras, 43200 Selangor
Operation Hours: Monday to Saturday (10am to 10pm), Sunday (2pm to 10pm)
Contact: +603 9081 1817

For more information and updates on Leaf Lohas, do visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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