C.Michael Aesthetic Laser Facial Treatment: Signature Glow Treatment

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With the New Year coming, are you still looking for ways to keep your skin youthful and healthy-looking? If you answer is yes, I would like to share with you a laser facial treatment that I've been through recently at Aesthetic & Medical Laser by C.Michael London.

I was pretty surprised when I found out they have an aesthetic centre, as I always thought they are just a hair salon.

I like the white and clean interior of the medical centre. Before going in for the treatment, I was consulted by their doctor who introduced me to their Signature Glow Treatment.

The Signature Glow Treatment is a combination of laser (Q-Switched Laser) and facial (LASEMD).

The treatment uses state of the art cosmeceutical system (LASEMD) after the laser session to effectively deliver the perfect skin rejuvenation procedure that accelerates cell renewal, combats free radicals, brighten and strengthen your skin. Currently, C.Michael is the only one who owns this technology in Malaysia.

Why should you go for the Signature Glow Treatment, you ask? Here's why:

1) Safe: Non-invasive and safe for all skin types. Using FDA approved laser and light machines.
2) Fast: 30 minutes including Q-Switched Laser + LASEMD facial treatment.
3) Effective: For pigmentation, pores, pimples, rejuvenation, uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles.
4) No downtime: No swelling or skin peeling,
5) Medical grade: Special and safe laser protocol created by accredited doctor.

Let's start the treatment!!

Before starting the treatment, it's important to cleanse the thoroughly. They were so gentle and my face felt so refreshing after cleansing!

The Q-Switch Laser uses the "Rich-PTP" Technology that shatters targeted chromophore and maximizes PhotoAcoustic effect. The wavelength of Rich-PTP toning delivers deep thermal energy and destroys only selective pigment in the skin, so it is safe for treating pigmentation.

Taadaa~~~ laser done! Unlike many laser treatments, I could hardly feel any pain throughout the procedure. At most, I felt slight prickling sensation when the laser hit my face. I'm very surprise to see there was very minimal redness on my face, despite me just going through a laser treatment.

The advantages of Rich-PTP toning:

1) Provides stable efficacy by equally delivered energy and minimizes adverse effect.
2) Softly delivers energy into deeper skin for remodeling dermis and helps you have clear skin.
3) Provides excellent efficacy on pigment lesions such as freckles, blemish, melasma, hyperpigmentation and complexion.
4) Improves skin on large pores, fine line, skin tone and skin texture.
5) Provides safe and effective treatment.
6) Contains almost no pain and no downtime.

Next, is the LASEMD treatment.

LASEMD is a cutting edge CDS (Cosmeceutical Delivery System) which combines a sophisticated laser system together with its exclusive line of cosmeceuticals (LASEMD Ampoules). The program is engineered to provide an ideal environment for the cosmeceuticals to be absorbed in order to speed healing from the inside out.

What is CDS? It's a method or process of delivering revitalizing compounds deep within the skin to improve overall appearance of aging and damaged skin. It maximizes the delivery of the vital restoration nutrients your skin needs in order to repair and rejuvenate.

Compared to the laser procedure, I felt a burning sensation on my skin and the redness was more obvious. However, I was reassured the sensation and redness will go off within 2 hours after the treatment.

Followed by applying the ampoule after the treatment. Currently, C.Michael is offering 3 types of ampoules - VC Ampoule, VA Ampoule and TA Ampoule. For my skin, they recommended the VC Ampoule, which helps to rejuvenate photoaged and photodamanged skin.

The downtime was really short. It went off in an hour time, and I felt my pores are smaller. One other result I noticed was scars have lightened, and not as obvious.

After the treatment, it is very important to apply mask daily. This is because our skin collagen has rejuvenated after the treatment, and this is the best time to "feed" our skin with as much nutrients as possible.

It is recommended to follow up with a few treatments in order to see better results. Since everyone's skin react differently to the treatment, it is very subjective on how many visit you would need to see results.

Good news to my readers!! Enjoy the Signature Glow Treatment as a promo rate of RM299 by mentioning my name Becky Wong and show them the picture above. The original price is RM1000, so I'd say this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!

For an effective treatment that has minimal pain, without using anesthesia and no downtime, you definitely have to give the Signature Glow Treatment at Aesthetic & Medical Laser by C.Michael London a try!

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