Unboxing: Cubecrate November 2016 Mystery Box

17:53 rebecca wong 9 Comments

It's going to be Christmas in less than a week, how's your shopping so far? My Christmas shopping is still an on-going process, but first I would like to share with you what I've received from Cubecrate in November.

Green Tea + Lychee flavour from OISHI Green Tea. OISHI Green Tea is brewed from 100% organic tea leaves that are grown on certified organic plantations. As far as flavoured tea goes, the lychee flavours are very subtle and refreshing.

Old Skool Granola from Alys The Bakerland. They offer granola made from organic ingredients and free from preservatives, flavouring and refined sugar. You can enjoy the granola with milk, yogurt or on its own as snack at RM 21.90 per pack (250gm).

Awesome scented candles by Candle Nuts by Nadia. These are perfect for a relaxation and de-stress after a long day at work. The candles are homemade with 100% natural wax.

Posie Online Fashion Store carries quite a wide variety of clothes that are stylish and fun. From elegant dress and to simple yet stylish crop-top, Posie is a good choice to shop for new outfits.

Despite a few repetitive items, I'm really pleased with the products that I've received from Cubecrate. Not many mystery boxes out there are able to provide such varieties every month.

To know more about Cubecrate, check them out at their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

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