Unboxing the NEW Realash Eyelash Enhancer + BROW

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If you only have the time to put on makeup on one part of your face, what would it be? For me, the eyes areas are most important, as one can look very different with nice brows and pretty lashes. After all, there's a saying "The eyes is the window to the soul".

Without further ado, I would like to bring your attention to Realash.

Realash Cosmetics was born in France, and their products can be found in 35 countries internationally. One of their main and star products is the eyelash enhancer, which I have done a review 2 years ago. Realash continuously draw inspiration from nature, discovering wonderful properties of natural plant extracts to produce not only innovative eyelash enhancers that deliver high effectiveness; but also safe from side effects, irritations or allergies.

Realash has recently released a new and improved Realash Eyelash Enhancer, along with a whole new range that caters to different needs of the eyes such as brow conditioner, mascara, eyeliner and etc.

Tadaa!!!! The new REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and BROW Conditioner from Realash! ^_^

REALASH Eyelash Enhancer

REALASH is an innovative enhancer whose mission is to fortify, increase density and lengthen your eyelashes. The serum regenerates lashes in a very short time. Its formula has been dermatologically and opthalmologically tested by specialists. It is highly recommended by users and beauty bloggers. REALASH will add volume and length to your lashes and enhance their overall appearance so they will look simply gorgeous!
From black to minty-white, I really like the current packaging. It's has a very elegant feel to it.

The tip is thin and quite soft, and the application is super easy:

There is a slight cooling sensation upon application, but it doesn't irritate the eyes at all.

BROW by Realash

BROW is an innovative and effective brow conditioner that enhances the overall look and condition of your eyebrows. BROW has been formulated from the highest quality ingredients. The conditioner contains active peptides which condition, strengthen and stimulate hair growth. BROW also contains ginseng extract that improves blood flow in skin and strengthens hair matrix.

Same as the eyelash enhancer, the tip is as soft and the application is really easy too.

My sparse eyebrows and not so thick and curly lashes.

I am going to try out both products for a month and will be sharing the results by then. Till then, do check out my previous experiences with REALASH here and here.

For more information on Realash, do visit their website and follow both their Facebook and Instagram.

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