May Unboxing with Cubecrate

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Hello lovely people, I'm back with another unboxing post with Cubecrate! It was all about food in their April box, and the foodie in me was doing the happy dance. This time round, they have mixed it up a bit.

So, let's see what goodies they've prepared in the May box.
A voucher to have a second treatment at Beyond Beauty International

The homemade brownie from For Goodness Cakes was rich and moist. Though the sweetness was a little bit too much for me, but I enjoyed the sweet treat a lot.

Super soft baby towel from Rainbow & Butterflies. They provide handmade customize baby gifts, clothes and products. I don't have a baby at home, but the texture is really soft, so I'd probably be using it to clean my glasses.

Yummy lip balm from TheSabun. The lip balm has a sweet scent that kinda reminds me a lot of banana. The colourless lip balm is really moisturizing after applying on the lips and doesn't leave any sticky residue, so it is really perfect to apply before your lipstick.

Pomegranate Rejuvenating Facial Scrub from Alveu Malaysia. The scrub is said to give the skin the deep natural care it deserves. The unique blend of pomegranate, essential oils and micro scrub gently cleanses and rejuvenate skin keeping it pimple free and clear. Also, it can act as anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and ability to  encourage radiant skin.

The scrubs are really fine and it doesn't hurt my skin after using it. Also, I really like that it doesn't have too overwhelming fragrances.

Another moisturizing and whitening samples from Mycare Malaysia. The texture of the skincare is pretty thick but really moisturizing. However, if you have easily-congested skin like mine, I would advice to apply a thin layer of the products. On the other hand, I think these would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Perth!

Want to know more about Cubecrate? Visit their website and follow both their Instagram and Facebook to know more about their updates!

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